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Wednesday, July 3,2013

Eye Candy of the Week

Property: Downtown Williamston

by Eric Finkler
The aged architecture and weathered wood of downtown Williamston’s historic district comforts you like an old rocking chair.
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Monday, June 3,2013

Chili evening

BWL announces chili contest winners

by Eric Finkler
Monday, June 3 — The battle over the best chili in greater Lansing was hashed out Friday at the 18th annual BWL Chili Cook-off. BWL spokesman Stephen Serkaian said participation this year was estimated at about 7,000, or about 2,000 more people than last year’s turnout.
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Friday, May 31,2013

Mostly spicy with a chance of rain

Weather could play a factor in this year's BWL Chili Cook-off

by Eric Finkler
Friday, May 31 — Should the food at Lansing Board of Water and Light’s 18th Annual Chili Cook-off be too hot, chili-heads may get cooled off with an 80 percent chance of rain.
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