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Wednesday, July 23,2014

Million dollar gift

MSU’s LGBT Resource Center receives $1 million bequest

by Eric Finkler
WEDNESDAY, July 23 — On Tuesday, the Michigan State University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center announced it had received a $1 million dollar bequest for establishing a new outreach fund. As a bequest, the donation won’t take place immediately, the center’s director, Deanna Hulbert, said the gift’s impact would be instantaneous.
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Wednesday, July 16,2014

Highlights: Ozay Moore gets ‘Hook’ed into Turner Street Outdoor Theater

Friday, July 18

by Eric Finkler
Twenty-three years after the release of “Hook,” Steven Spielberg’s sequel to L.M. Barry’s book “Peter Pan,” one of the film’s chants about one of the Lost Boys, Rufio, is still quick to escape from Ozay Moore’s lips. This Friday, Moore opens the Turner Street’s Outdoor Theater feature of “Hook,” hosted by the Capital City Film Festival and the Old Town Commercial Association. Moore will provide his blend of classic hip hop and conscious rap for the free community event.
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Friday, June 20,2014

A slice of comedy

Connxtions Comedy Club auctioning off memorabilia, equipment and more

by Eric Finkler
FRIDAY, June 20 — From the windows to the walls to the handicap bathroom stalls, Connxtions Comedy Club will be selling every last bit of its property in an auction on Tuesday.
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Friday, May 30,2014

Uncharted waterways

New events for the first-time Grand American Fish Rodeo event revealed

by Eric Finkler
FRIDAY, May 30 — The waters have begun to churn in anticipation for a new event coming to Lansing next month: The Grand American Fish Rodeo. Terry Terry, President of the Michigan Institute of Contemporary Art, spoke at the monthly Lansing Rotary Club meeting today about the event, which will focus on the city’s iconic Grand River
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Friday, May 16,2014

Compete with wheat

New Lansing homebrew competition debuts Sunday

by Eric Finkler
Friday, May 16 — This Sunday, the Hopped-Up Homebrew Awards will be held at Midtown Brewing Co. in downtown Lansing. This debut event is presented by That’s How We Brew Homebrew Supplies. The winner’s recipe will be put on tap at Midtown and will also receive $150 to be used at That’s How We Brew.
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Wednesday, July 3,2013

Eye Candy of the Week

Property: Downtown Williamston

by Eric Finkler
The aged architecture and weathered wood of downtown Williamston’s historic district comforts you like an old rocking chair.
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Monday, June 3,2013

Chili evening

BWL announces chili contest winners

by Eric Finkler
Monday, June 3 — The battle over the best chili in greater Lansing was hashed out Friday at the 18th annual BWL Chili Cook-off. BWL spokesman Stephen Serkaian said participation this year was estimated at about 7,000, or about 2,000 more people than last year’s turnout.
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Friday, May 31,2013

Mostly spicy with a chance of rain

Weather could play a factor in this year's BWL Chili Cook-off

by Eric Finkler
Friday, May 31 — Should the food at Lansing Board of Water and Light’s 18th Annual Chili Cook-off be too hot, chili-heads may get cooled off with an 80 percent chance of rain.
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