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Wednesday, May 15,2013

The beat goes on

Hip-hop event gets back to basics

by David Barker
Solutions for socio-economic problems are typically addressed at symposiums where speakers use PowerPoint presentations, not turntables. But this weekend, the Lansing Hip Hop Fest will use facets of hip- hop culture — including graffiti art, spoken word, dance and music — to explore some of these heady themes.
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Wednesday, April 10,2013

Requiem for a medium

How the conversion of film projection to digital affects filmmakers, fans and businesses

by David Barker
The Sun Theatre in downtown Williamston is the antithesis of the modern movie theater. At $4 (cash or check only) the tickets are about half the conventional price of admission. The concessions are cheaper — when’s the last time you saw 25-cent popcorn?
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