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Wednesday, June 26,2013


A deeper look at the language of organic food

by Laura Johnson
We devoted last month's article to decoding some of the trickier language associated with organic farming, but that merely skimmed the surface. This month, we've created a dictionary of common organic-related terminology that you'll come across in any grocery store or farmers market, defined with some help from a local farmer and a food expert.
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Wednesday, June 12,2013

Farmers Markets 101: From Apples to Zucchinis

by Laura Johnson
Imagine making a trip to the grocery store to find that every food item available had someone standing behind it. This person could tell you about how that product was grown, harvested, processed, sold and delivered to where you now stand.
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Wednesday, May 22,2013

A tomato by any other name

Decoding the sometimes confusing terminology of organic food

by Laura Johnson
"Organic" has become a buzzword that seems to be everywhere these days. Essentially, organic refers to agriculture that's conducted without synthetic chemicals, but as with any trend, there are a flurry of issues, contradictions and confusions infused about what it really means.
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Wednesday, April 24,2013

Justice league

Local groups make fresh produce available for urban areas

by Laura Johnson
A hand-painted sign, marking one of Village Summit's five community gardens, reads: "This is made to feed everybody." It's a powerful statement in the middle of a food desert. Village Summit, a community center and garden project in Fabulous Acres, just south of Lansing's REO Town district, is in a neighborhood with little access to healthy food.
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Wednesday, March 27,2013

Growing together

Community supported agriculture cropping up across mid-Michigan

by Laura Johnson
Rebecca Titus of Titus Farms in Leslie defines community supported agriculture as a subscription to local, seasonal vegetables.
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Wednesday, February 27,2013

Farmer in 'The L'

Two Lansing-area restaurants maximizing fresh, local produce

by Laura Johnson
I recently saw a clip from the show "Portlandia" in which a dining couple asks their server an absurd list of questions about the local origins of the chicken on the menu. When the server produces the chicken's papers (his name was Colin, and he was fed a diet of sheep's milk, soy and hazelnuts), the couple remains unconvinced, and the scene ends when they leave the restaurant to go check out Colin's farm before they can feel comfortable ordering him for lunch.
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