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Wednesday, January 22,2014

Meet your meat

MSU Student Organic Farm project lets pigs be pigs

by Laura Johnson
It’s a little-known fact that pigs, like birds, build nests for their young. “This is what they want to do when they give birth,” said Laurie Thorp, a professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Community Sustainability and director of the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment program.
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Thursday, December 26,2013

State of organic

A look back at healthy eating choices in the Lansing area

by Laura Johnson
It’s been an exciting year for local food and agriculture, adding to the impressive progress that’s been made over the last decade.
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Wednesday, November 20,2013

Turkey time

How to localize your Thanksgiving feast

by Laura Johnson
There’s a wide selection of farms and vendors in the Lansing area offering Thanksgiving turkeys that ORGANIC are fresh (not frozen), all natural (no use of antibiotics or hormones), certified organic and/or free range.
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Thursday, October 31,2013

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Longstanding greenhouse expands reach with organic produce

by Laura Johnson
From the road, Lansing’s Smith Floral and Greenhouses, 1124 E. Mt. Hope Ave., appears quaint and unassuming. Even a quick stop ORGANIC in can be deceiving if you stick to the front of the store. It’s not until you take a stroll through the back — and they’re happy to give curiosity-seekers a tour — that you realize how vast the space actually is and how creatively it’s being used.
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Wednesday, September 25,2013

Hot and cold

Better Health Café offers organic, vegan and gluten-free lunch selections

by Laura Johnson
I’m a semi-regular shopper at The Better Health Store, the natural and organic grocery store located across ORGANIC from Frandor Shopping Center in Lansing Township. Until recently, however, I hadn’t tried its café.
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Wednesday, September 11,2013

The farmer in the corporation

For small-scale farmers and the environment, the stakes are high as Wal-Mart redefines the meaning of local agriculture

by Laura Johnson
Most people around here haven’t heard of Capac. A village about an hour north of Detroit and 90 minutes from Lansing, Capac has a population of less than 2,000 and a rural landscape historically shaped by farming. Its name stands for “Cows And Pigs And Chickens,” someone jokingly told me.
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Wednesday, August 28,2013

No-secrets meat

by Laura Johnson
Don’t put Ben Tirrell or his family farm in a box. “Everybody’s big on labeling things,” he said, seated at a shaded picnic table at his farm in Charlotte. He’s talking about food labels like “organic” and “grass fed.” “We’re just trying to sell who we are and make a name for ourselves. This is how we do things, and it’s not necessarily such and such certified. That all seems a little bit gimmicky to me.”
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Wednesday, August 14,2013

The green promise

Group hopes to replace demolished MSU greenhouse with high concept biodome

by Laura Johnson
Never make a promise you don’t plan to keep. You never know when someone will stick around for, oh, say, 15 years and hold you accountable. The Student Greenhouse Project has been chasing a promise made by Michigan State University since the botany greenhouse, located on MSU’s north campus, was torn down in 1998.
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Wednesday, July 31,2013

Green grocers

Kroger and Meijer increase organic and local produce

by Laura Johnson
As farmers markets continue to boom and local and organic agriculture remain in high demand, the produce sections of many grocery stores are trying to get in on the trend. In Lansing-area Kroger and Meijer stores, both organic and local offerings are increasingly common.
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Tuesday, July 23,2013

How's it growing?

Tour shows off Lansing community gardens

by Laura Johnson
Monday, July 22 — By foot, by bike or by hybrid school bus — you have your choice of locomotion if you attend the Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project’s Community Garden Tour on Thursday. Community gardens will combine forces for this annual event at the Garden Project Resource Center in Foster Park on Lansing’s east side.
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