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Wednesday, June 25,2014

Come as you are

Over the Ledge’s latest explores the dawn of sexual therapy

by Shawn Parker
Over The Ledge Theatre Co. presents a bawdy, deceptively emotional tale of a late 19th century physician that specializes in female maladies, and the complex cast of characters that orbits his practice.
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Wednesday, May 21,2014

Curtain call: Four shamed

New theater troupe debuts one-acts dedicated to disgraced Greek figures

by Shawn Parker
The debut of the new Ixion Theatre Ensemble features a quartet of one-act plays written by Lansing-area playwrights rooted in Greek mythology. The theme was inspired by engravings by a 16th century Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius , with each of the titular disgracers suffering a fall, either figurative or literal. The common link is that each one is a mortal who tried to enter the realm of the gods and was punished for doing so.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014

A comedian walks into a classroom …

Stand-up comic teaches budding comedians the art of writing jokes

by Shawn Parker
Like any other art form, comedy is an evolving system, where the prevailing social climate and scandal du-jour inform what makes the masses laugh. But we’ve come a long way from the days of Henny Youngman’s “take my wife … please!” one-liners.
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Wednesday, July 17,2013

'Normal' shines

Peppermint Creek drops the curtain on season with rock musical

by Shawn Parker
As the last show of Peppermint Creek's 10th anniversary season, the dramatic rock musical “Next to Normal” is something of an inauspicious finale: It has the pedigree of winning both a Tony and a Pulitzer, yet has little of the name recognition of a marquee show.
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Wednesday, June 26,2013

The rise of homebrewers

by Shawn Parker
"Good things come to those who wait": A dusty proverb tossed around haphazardly whenever someone's patience is tested. But for the dedicated artisans who practice the art of homebrewing, it is nothing short of a mantra.
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Wednesday, May 29,2013

The waiting game

Strong acting powers Williamston Theatre's vital drama

by Shawn Parker
At what point can acting overpower and threaten to derail a play? In the case of Williamston Theatre's "10:53," it's right around the halfway point.
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Wednesday, May 1,2013

The Lansing-Lolla connection

Two mid-Michigan acts take the stage at national music fest

by Shawn Parker
A lot has changed since Jane's Addiction honcho Perry Farrell gave birth to the mammoth music festival known as Lollapalooza in 1991. Long gone are the days of the fest as a traveling road show featuring up to a dozen headlining bands on a main stage and as many as 40 second-tier acts on a smaller stage.
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Saturday, April 20,2013

Fruit of the vinyl

Record Store Day bows this weekend

by Shawn Parker
Now in its sixth year, Record Store Day has become something of a cross between a scavenger hunt and Christmas. And Heather Frarey, owner of The Record Lounge, 111 Division St. in East Lansing, thinks the international event, which will be held this Saturday, could be the biggest one yet.
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Wednesday, March 20,2013

Hitchcock of the walk

Winning spy farce pays homage to film noir

by Shawn Parker
Farces are a tricky business. When done well, they can evoke the subtle humor of Noel Coward or the broad slapstick of the Monty Python troupe. When they misfire, you can be left with something akin to a second-rate Wayans Brothers dud, which is better off being entirely avoided.
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Wednesday, December 19,2012

The Windwalker saga

Eclectic Charlotte business hopes to be a regional hub for mid-Michigan artists

by Shawn Parker
In downtown Charlotte, in an unassuming three-story brick building on Cochran Avenue, an artistic movement 20 years in the making is taking place. For Richard Turbin and his son Rick Turbin, proprietors of Windwalker Antiques/Underground Galleries, creative expression is a way of life.
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