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Wednesday, December 12,2012

New in town

Tamaki & Triple Goddess Bookstore

by Sam Inglot and Allan I. Ross
I thought I had Tamaki Custom Sushi and Wraps clocked as soon as I walked in — the Subway of sushi. But you won't find any $5 foot-long sushi rolls here. What you will find, says owner Frank Cheng, is a new take on sushi and Asian cuisine,
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Wednesday, December 5,2012

New In Town

REO Town Famous Taco/Kick It Out! Dance Studio/Barber Love

by Sam Inglot and Allan I. Ross
The Famous Taco franchise is returning to its roots with the opening of a third location. Its newest restaurant, at 1107 S. Washington Ave., is actually the spot where the founding Delacruz family opened its original Mexican restaurant — then called Acapulco — in 1968.
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