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Thursday, June 27,2013

Airport-Flyer vote

Live coverage of Tri-County Regional Planning Commission's Michigan Flyer vote

by Sam Inglot and Andy Balaskovitz
Wednesday, June 26 - The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission voted 10-9 in favor of the Michigan Flyer Grant. Commission member Brian McGrain was the tiebreaker. All of the other votes were the same as the May meeting.
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Friday, June 7,2013

Former Barnes and Noble site in East Lansing under renovation

Jackson National Life Insurance Co. will use it for office space, sources say

by Sam Inglot and Andy Balaskovitz
Friday, June 7 — Jackson National Life Insurance Co. will use the vacant building last used for a Barnes & Noble bookstore on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing for office space, multiple sources say.
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Wednesday, March 6,2013


Fate of Niowave's tax break is unknown, but could have consequences for company, City Council and neighbors

by Sam Inglot and Andy Balaskovitz
Three groups have been the chief characters in the Niowave pole barn saga: the Walnut Neighborhood Organization, the company itself and the Lansing City Council. A Council vote tentatively set for March 25 on granting the particle accelerator company a six-year, $550,000 tax break on new equipment holds consequences for all involved.
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Wednesday, November 21,2012

'All time low'

A plan for the pole barn surfaces, but Niowave and the Walnut Neighborhood appear to be on different wavelengths

by Sam Inglot and Andy Balaskovitz
The relationship between residents of the Walnut Neighborhood and Niowave Inc. is at an "all-time low," one resident told the Lansing City Council on Monday night. The comments came three days after a few neighbors were shown what they've been waiting on for over four months: a plan to improve the appearance of Niowave's 14,000-square-foot pole barn in their neighborhood.
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