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Wednesday, April 4,2012

Pinsonnault's picks

This year's Top of the Town Local TV News personality winner spotlights some of his favorite things about living in Lansing

by Evan Pinsonnault
Common Ground Music Festival: It was the first community event I went to after starting as TV-6 morning anchor back in July of 2009. In fact, it was my first day of work at the station! I remember Tim (Barron) introducing me on the mainstage party deck that Monday night and poking fun at pronouncing “Pinsonnault.” Who’d have thunk that two years later I’d be co-hosting the event with him and interviewing many of the artists live on-air for WLNS. And I’m looking forward to repeating that success again this summer, both for the CG audiences each night and the viewers of TV-6.
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