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Wednesday, December 21,2011

Have yourself a 'Backstage' Christmas

WKAR-TV music show salutes the holidays with a mixed bag of performances

by Robert Sancrainte
'euro;'Merrily Caroling: A Backstage Pass Christmas'euro;' kicks off with the Rusty Wright Band'euro;'s 'euro;'Santa'euro;'s in Jail'euro;', an original swingin'euro;' blues song that sets the mood Next up, Thom Jayne and the Nomads bring the program'euro;'s intensity down another notch with its...
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

‘HIV is not going away; there’s still not any cure for it’

Lansing Area AIDS Network hosts seventh annual Red Ribbon Gala

by Robert Sancrainte
Nonprofits have weathered some difficult challenges in the past decade, and the Lansing Area AIDS Network is no exception. Jacob Distel, executive director of LAAN, says the annual Red Ribbon Gala is an important cornerstone in maintaining funding and support for his organization s mission.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Not the same old ‘Story’

Can some Spanish flavor spice up ‘West Side Story’? Si, se puede, says one of the tour’s stars

by Robert Sancrainte
West Side Story written by Arthur Laurents, with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim was first  performed in 1957, and in the 50-plus years since then, much of the original has remained constant, with only minor changes to keep the musical fresh while maintaining its timeless appeal.
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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Don't drink the wine

’Arsenic’ is on tap at Lansing Civic Players

by Robert Sancrainte
For example, the play’s two lovable and murderous aunts, who serve arseniclaced elderberry wine, are “always together in a scene. They kind of get lumped into that generic old-lady persona and never get to develop their own personalities.”.
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