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Wednesday, November 9,2011

Gold-diggers, circa 1707

’Stratagem’ follows two foppish fortune-hunters

by Cristina Toscano
Wes Haskell, a third-year master of fine arts student at Michigan State University, says The Beaux Stratagem is a step away from the kinds of guys he usually portrays. I tend to play the "nice guy-next-door" roles, and Archer, at least at the beginning of the story, is not what one would call a gentleman, Haskell said.
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Wednesday, October 19,2011

Cooley Law School presents sixth season of Stages of the Law

by Cristina Toscano
This season’s Stages of the Law performances include Riverwalk Theatre’s “Conspiracy” (Oct. 20-30; talkback after the Oct. 22 performance); Lansing Community College’s “The Shrike” (Nov. 4-12; talkback after the Nov. 5 performance); Mid Michigan Family Theatre “The Goblins & the Gravedigger” (Dec.
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Wednesday, October 12,2011

Simply Simon

Starlight Dinner Theatre serves up ‘The Odd Couple’ as season opener

by Cristina Toscano
On the off chance you haven’t heard, “The Odd Couple” is about a friendship between two men who are polar opposites and manage to push each other to their limits. It was the basis for two movies starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and inspired a popular TV series in the 1970s, with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman.
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