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Wednesday, October 15,2014

UNCORKED: O Canada%u2028

A tour of Niagara-area vineyards

by Alan Kerr
Wednesday, Oct. 15 — Thousands of people travel to Niagara, Canada, each year to enjoy the wonders of the falls, embrace the historic impressions of Niagara on Lake or embark upon one of the hiking trails along the Niagara Escarpment. There’s also a route that allows oenophiles to sample some of the area’s wonderful and diverse wines.
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Wednesday, October 2,2013

Welcome to Ontario

Niagara wine scene is worth the drive

by Alan Kerr
Ontario is a wine lover’s playground. Much like parts of Michigan, Ontario at this time of the year is a spectacle of colors. The wines, the landscape and the Niagara escarpment in particular make it a splendid place to visit.
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Wednesday, January 11,2012

Advice Goddess

I smell a rut & on crowd nine

by Alan Kerr
Everybody wants to believe their love will last, but when a guy’s marrying Wife Number Five, some honesty in vow-making seems called for — for example, “Till mild boredom do us part.” And in keeping with the trend of using movie lines in the ceremony, the groom can turn to the minister at the end and state the Schwarzenegger-accented obvious: “I’ll be back.”
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Friday, October 7,2011

Why not fall for Niagara this fall?

Beautiful wine country and fine vineyards are waiting just across the border

by Alan Kerr
By ALAN KERR In some ways Napa and Niagara are similar. Well OK, Napa is a warm climate region and Niagara is cool climate ' aside from several days this summer when the temperature gauge cranked up close to 100. What they have in common is that they both appeal to hordes of tourists from far and wide.
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