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Monday, March 18,2013

It's no mystery: 'Enigma' is a winner

Painter Mina Greco Hall takes top prize in Lansing Art Gallery's 'City Streets' show

by Denyse Smith
Tuesday, Sept. 27 — When she first came to Michigan in the early 1960s, Mina Greco Hall found little in the way of an arts scene in Lansing. But after nearly five decades of teaching and painting and working with artists, she has watched the arts thrive here. Hall, who was born and raised in Taranto, Italy, recently won the People’s Choice Award in Lansing Art Gallery’s “City Streets” exhibit for her work, “Enigma.”
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Wednesday, October 5,2011

Historical highs

Comerica Bank event raises funds for Lansing historical museum

by Denyse Smith
By DENYSE SMITH On a clear Lansing night, the view from the top is a good one, and on Saturday, patrons of the Greater Lansing Historical Society’s Fall Fundraiser will get a chance to see for themselves the view from the 15th floor windows of Comerica Bank.
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Wednesday, September 7,2011

Living in style

Cancer survivors 'walk with dignity' in fashion show

by Denyse Smith
Galvin, who serves on LEMATA’s board of directors, has been touched by cancer, having lost both her parents and her inlaws to the disease; her sister is a thyroid cancer survivor and will be one of the models in the runway event..
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