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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Act globally, think locally

by Terry Link
Although we do occasionally think of those who struggle in our own local community, a sustainability worldview believes we are linked to everyone as one human family, sharing one single planet, with one common future.
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Wednesday, December 28,2011

Support businesses who share the wealth

by Terry Link
Who doesn't love a discount? Still, I don't want to balance my retail savings on the shoulders of underpaid help. That's one reason I avoid Walmart and Sam's Club.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

More Information means smarter decisions

by Terry Link
Coffee, toilet paper, what could possibly follow? The intent of these pieces is to shed light on how the choices we make in the marketplace affirm our values.
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Wednesday, September 28,2011

A look at toilet paper

by Terry Link
But not everyone drinks coffee. This time I decided to look into something everyone reading this does use'toilet paper, one of life’s often overlooked daily necessities (except when you run out!). We could crack a few jokes along the way, butt I’ll try to avoid that.
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Wednesday, September 7,2011

Determining value

by Terry Link
If it were true that Wal-Mart had “always low prices,” would people shop anywhere else? Given the thousands of other retail outlets, I guess the answer is yes. Which might indicate that things other than price matter to consumers and/or that Wal-Mart doesn’t always have low prices.
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