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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Starting on the right note

Guest violinist Schmidt graces an often spellbinding LSO concert

by Nyssa Rabinowitz
Conductor and music director Timothy Muffitt’s first concert blended the wellknown greatness of Beethoven and Saint-Saens with a touch of the new by kicking off the program with Pulitzer-winning composer Jennifer Higdon and her 2000 hit “Blue Cathedral.
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Wednesday, September 7,2011

November election heats up

New ballot proposals make midterm more critical

by Nyssa Rabinowitz
Voters will decide if over 12 acres of the Red Cedar Golf Course near Frandor may be sold and if the city’s property tax millage should be increased. Until late August, the ballot only consisted of City Council and school board races plus a mandatory question on whether to open up the City Charter for revision.
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Wednesday, September 7,2011

Reviewing foreclosure

Ingham County register of deeds wants foreclosure laws changed

by Nyssa Rabinowitz
Bill Donahue nearly lost his home to foreclosure a month ago. His family home of 25 years had been sold at a sheriff’s auction and he had an eviction notice on his door. It may have been just another foreclosure except Donahue had been making payments under a loan modification agreement with his lender, according to Curtis Hertel Jr.
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