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Thursday, August 11,2011

Variety is the key to annual Great Lakes Folk Festival

by Tracy Key
He is a seventh-generation slack-key guitar player and lives in Maui on his family farm, which focuses on organic sustainable farming methods. The farm produces papayas, taro, sweet potatoes, bananas and legumes, and Kahumoku raises goats, ducks, chickens and miniature horses.
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Wednesday, July 13,2011

'Bare' will take off

MSU student launches a new theater company, with help from a website

by Tracy Key
“I heard the musical for the first time about three years ago on a CD, and I fell in love with it right away,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘One day I want to direct that.’ This musical is what encouraged me and made me want to start my own production company, and lot of things I believe in and my philosophy are contained in the show.
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Tuesday, June 21,2011

She plays hard for the money

Street violinist Alexis Dawdy adds her own touch of classical class to Lansing's downtown

by Tracy Key
In the business district of downtown Lansing, a high-pitched trill of music can be heard floating almost effortlessly through the air. Distant at first, it becomes louder and more distinct as you approach South Washington Square.
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Wednesday, June 15,2011

Apocalypse whenever

A graduate student goes into hiding to protect himself from Doomsday in MSU’s comedy ’Boom’

by Tracy Key
“Boom” tells the story of a marine biology graduate student named Jules (Tyler VanCamp) whose research on Beaugregory Damselfish has convinced him that the end is near; he has gone into hiding in a bunker in order to protect himself from the impending apocalypse.
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