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Wednesday, March 30,2011

Paging book lovers

Antiquarian Book & Paper Show has something for you

by Fiona Guo
Book dealers are coming from all over Michigan, as well as from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. But that’s not all: Book binder Jon Buller, manager of the custom binding division of Thomson-Shore Inc., said he’s looking forward to showcasing his work as well.
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Thursday, February 3,2011

Our local food

MSU professor says city officials need to ‘seriously think’ about Lansing’s food sources

by Fiona Guo
Thursday, Feb. 3 — Thinking of moving to a densely populated neighborhood to get better access to nutritional foods? A recent academic study may change your mind.
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Friday, January 21,2011

Women and the techniques of turkey hunting

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reaches out to women through workshops

by Fiona Guo
Friday, Jan. 21 — Nine women attended a turkey-hunting workshop in Delta Township this week as part of the state’s effort to involve more women with what is stereotypically known as a man’s world.
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