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Wednesday, January 26,2011

Snakes stay put?

A proposed federal law to tackle a snake problem in Florida could have local implications

by Yang Zhang
When walking into Preuss Pets at 1127 N. Cedar St. in Old Town, reptile hobbyists will feel excited about the variety of reptiles in the store’s southeast corner.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

Growing local

The Greater Lansing Food Bank offers training, grants for starting community gardens

by Yang Zhang
Wednesday, Jan. 12 — Want to start a community garden but don’t know how? The Greater Lansing Food Bank can help.
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Thursday, January 6,2011

Cooking up something new

Creating Michigan Culinary Destinations conference happens Jan. 10

by Yang Zhang
(Thursday, Jan. 6) On Jan. 10, a diverse range of businesses will celebrate Michigan’s culinary assets and share ideas to promote culinary tourism at East Lansing’s Kellogg Center.
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