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Wednesday, February 2,2011

Occasus releases new CD

It's the metal band's second in two years

by Alyssa Gienapp
Last Saturday night, the Blackened Moon Concert Hall was filled with smoke, booze and local Lansing metal bands, as Occasus held its CD release party. “The metal scene tries to help each other out,” said Eric Potts, guitarist of Occasus. “The rap scene in Lansing is more cutthroat, but we invited our friends to come play.”
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

Looking beyond looks

Kimberly Lavon’s prints examine social stigmas

by Alyssa Gienapp
Art by Kimberly Lavon Katalyst Gallery 1214 Turner St, Lansing 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m.-7:15 p.m. Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday (517) 708-8916 twitter.com/kimberlylavon www.facebook.com/.
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Wednesday, January 26,2011

Dubstep debut

Cirque Du Womp brought a new beat to The Loft

by Alyssa Gienapp
Standing in the freezing cold. A mob of 18-year-olds. Being blinded by ridiculously bright spotlights. It was almost worth it to see Cirque Du Womp’s first-ever show in Lansing. Saturday night, The Loft was packed with bright colors, things that glowed, and quite a lot of people; the Facebook event had 758 confirmed guests.
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Friday, January 21,2011

Lavon on view at Katalyst

Print collections address social issues

by Alyssa Gienapp
Katalyst Art Gallery in Old Town is showcasing Kimberly Lavon as this month’s featured artist. Lavon’s print collections, “Skeleton Society” and “Animalesque — A Social Commentary,” both touch on the social constraints put on us every day.
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Tuesday, January 18,2011

New 'Stomp'-ing grounds

Revised and restructured show returns to Wharton Center

by Alyssa Gienapp
Expect something new when “Stomp” returns to the Wharton Center Friday. Two new full-scale routines are part of the show, as well as updated and restructured sections. But the percussion pageant is staying true to the original premise, said performer Donisha Brown: to create music with everyday objects instead of normal instruments.
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Wednesday, January 12,2011

'Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests' comes to MSU

Two Sunday concerts honor Martin Luther King's legacy

by Alyssa Gienapp
Three Michigan State University jazz groups will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests.” The concert — to be performed twice on Sunday — features Michigan State University’s Jazz Orchestras I, II, and III, playing pieces by Max Roach and Booker Little.
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Tuesday, January 4,2011

Something 'Unexpected' at Riverwalk

Yasmina Reza play will be staged as a fund-raiser this weekend

by Alyssa Gienapp
Riverwalk Theater will showcase Yasmina Reza’s “The Unexpected Man” at a special fundraising event Friday and Saturday to “help us get through the winter months,” said Mike Siracuse, Riverwalk manager.
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