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Monday, January 17,2011

Op-Ed: Medical Marijuana and the Status Quo

Ryan Richmond from Royal Oak, Mich. is a venture capitalist, commercial real estate professional and a board member of the Marijuana Patients Organization (MarijuanaPatients.org)

by Ryan D. Richmond
Monday, Jan. 17 — Some kind of interesting times we live in, don’t you think?Local governments are broke … state governments are broke … federal government is broke … banks are broke … the general population is broke. The whole financial system is in...
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Monday, December 27,2010

Op-Ed: Medical Marijuana Haziness or Normalcy Bias

Ryan D. Richmond is the former owner of Clinical Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary in Ferndale that was raided by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department in August.

by Ryan D. Richmond
Monday, Dec. 27 — I am very concerned about how strong-armed-forces are moving forward to collect and control data on what is, at the moment, our protected personal rights.
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