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Wednesday, February 8,2012

Making waves in the airwaves

A cult movie from 1990 becomes a stage musical

by Christopher Horb
Area audiences will have the chance to see something new — and yet perhaps familiar — when the Michigan State University Department of Theatre offers free performances of the semi-staged workshop of “Pump Up The Volume,” a musical adaptation of the 1990 Christian Slater film.
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Wednesday, February 1,2012

A single man

Chad DeKatch heads up the ensemble cast of Sondheim's 'Company'

by Christopher Horb
When the lights come up on the Holt Dimondale Community Players’ production of “Company,” it will be the realization of a dream for its star, Chad DeKatch.
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Wednesday, January 11,2012

From minor to major

Riverwalk's 'Rosencrantz' shakes up Shakespeare

by Christopher Horb
In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” the characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are just bit players, roaming the edge of the story, never really getting their moment in the spotlight.
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Wednesday, December 7,2011

Riverwalk rings in the season

A familiar carol turns into a film-noir-style mystery

by Christopher Horb
A legendary carol gets a rewrite in Riverwalk Theatre s The Five Golden Rings, which bows on the main stage Saturday.
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Wednesday, November 2,2011

Caustic comedy

When two couples clash, brutal laughs result in Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s ‘God of Carnage’

by Christopher Horb
By CHRISTOPHER HORB We seem to live in an age when uncouth behavior is showcased and celebrated across the reality-TV spectrum and audiences can t get enough of it. It s clear there is fun to be had in watching people behaving badly. That is exactly what director Chad Badgero is counting on.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Parents plot to sell their kids in caustic comedy 'Gingerbread House'

by Christopher Horb
Brian (Brian de Vries) and Stacey (Marianne Chan) have discovered that raising their two children has not been quite as satisfying as they had hoped it would be and it’s gotten in the way of their own ambitions.
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Wednesday, September 14,2011

Curtain call

'The Divine Sister' looks for laughs

by Christopher Horb
“Sister” was written by Charles Busch, a Tony-winning playwright and female impersonator known for irreverent pop-culture-skewering shows like “Psycho Beach Party” and “Die! Mommy! Die!” Coming directly from an acclaimed off-Broadway run, “Sister”...
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Wednesday, August 24,2011

The curtain is going up on a season full of variety

From ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘God of Carnage’ to Neil Simon and Shakespeare, local theaters aim to please

by Christopher Horb
The play depicts a trio of World War I veterans (played by Gary Houston, Richard Marlatt and Richard Henzel) plotting to escape the confines of a military hospital. It was written by French playwright Gerald Sibleyras and has been translated and adapted by Tom Stoppard, one of Thatcher’s personal favorites.
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Wednesday, June 8,2011

When worlds collide

It’s a comic culture clash in ’Gemini’

by Christopher Horb
Written by Albert Innaurato, “Gemini” unfolds in the backyard of a blue-collar Philadelphia neighborhood, circa 1973, where Francis Geminiani has returned home for his summer break from Harvard.
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Wednesday, June 1,2011

It’s curtains for you!

Director hopes ’Musical Comedy Murders’ slays Riverwalk audiences

by Christopher Horb
At first glance, it may seem that director Lisa Sodman Elzinga has murder on the brain. She is, after all, behind Riverwalk Theatre’s “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” which opens Thursday. And her previous effort was Starlight Dinner Theatre’s “A Murder Is Announced.”
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