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Wednesday, October 13,2010

'Dead' comes alive

Dancing demons? Blood-spattered patrons? It's 'Evil Dead: The Musical'

by Jeremy Martin
(Wednesday, Oct. 13) Disclaimer: "Evil Dead: The Musical" is recommended for mature audiences, due to language and sexual references. Oh, and the blood. “There is a 'splatter zone' where several audience members get covered in blood whenever anybody dies in the show — which is quite a bit,” warns director Rob Roznowski of the Sam Raimi-inspired Michigan State University Theatre production.
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Tuesday, October 12,2010

A harvest of new music

Chris Dorman launches a new album — and a new farm

by Jeremy Martin
(Tuesday, Oct. 12) In the past three years Chris Dorman’s musical adventures have taken him from the east side of Lansing, creating music with friends, to releasing an album backed by a Who’s Who of Michigan folk artists. He moved to New England to continue progressing as a musician; the move inspired him to record a just-released second album.
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Wednesday, September 29,2010

The show must go on

Seeley and Baldori’s documentary isn’t ready, but they’re still giving the film festival a boost

by Jeremy Martin
A short time after the festival, Seeley asked Baldori to sit in with him during a gig at Charlie’s Crab in Troy, where he had been playing “in relative obscurity” for 32 years. The act was a hit, according to Baldori ' “the place went nuts” ' and they decided to take the show on the road.
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Wednesday, September 15,2010

Songs in the key of Michigan

Jay Stielstra Trio opens Ten Pound Fiddle season

by Jeremy Martin
For Stielstra, whose trio will help open the Ten Pound Fiddle season Friday, the path to that inspiring plot began on the athletic field. After a decorated high school sports career in Ludington, he came to the University of Michigan for basketball and track.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Musical marriage

Husband and wife form Gifts or Creatures

by Jeremy Martin
For years, Brandon Foote had been known as a collaborator, a singer, songwriter and an accomplished mandolin player, having spent time playing with the nowdefunct bluegrass group Hot-Toe-Mitty, and being one-half of earthy folk duo Bates and Foote.
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