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Wednesday, October 27,2010

Vote no to driving in reverse

by Lance Enderle
With the election drawing near, our grass roots supporters have increasingly gained momentum with a goal to continue the positive changes that have started thanks to strong Democratic leadership. They know that revisiting the Bush/Cheney years is unthinkable. We cannot afford to put the car in reverse; we need to keep it moving forward in drive!
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Sunday, October 17,2010

Rogers and voting

(Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th District. This column is unedited.)

by Lance Enderle
Recently, a surge of people have been defending Mike Rogers’ voting record. They’ve also attacked me for shedding a very bright light on his indefensible voting decisions. Lets take a hard look at the record and decide for ourselves.
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Wednesday, October 6,2010

No love for small business?

(Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8h District. City Pulse has donated this space and requested Enderle to report it as an in-kind contribution. The material is unedited.)

by Lance Enderle
Thank God we have a Democratic majority in Congress and the Senate. If it weren’t for Democrats, another initiative to put people back to work would have once again failed. Republicans including Mike Rogers must think voters are either lacking in intelligence, or have a short memory.
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Wednesday, September 29,2010

GOP blueprint

by Lance Enderle
With burners on high, the election season is heating up and Republicans are cranking out rhetoric of winning a majority in Congress this November.
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Wednesday, September 22,2010

Rogers on jobs

by Lance Enderle
For ten long years Mike Rogers has been consistent. He consistently rubber stamped the disastrous policies of the Bush/ Cheney administration. He consistently ignored Michigan’s manufacturing losses, and consistently looked the other way during Michigan’s times of high unemployment.
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Wednesday, September 15,2010

Check Rogers’ record

by Lance Enderle
It’s time the average worker in Michigan’s 8th district had a Congressional Representative who understands their needs, and chooses to work for them while in Congress instead of big money special interest groups.
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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Enderle takes on Rogers

by Lance Enderle
Michigan can’t weather another term of poor leadership, and bad decisions we’ve come to expect from Mike Rogers. As Michigan’s 8th district Congressman, Mike Rogers has been working hard against the interests of the citizens he represents. This November, voters finally have a chance to tell Mike he needs to spend more time with his family.
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