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Wednesday, January 25,2012

Advancing hybrids

MSU researchers are working on car engine technology that could reduce vehicle weight by 1,000 pounds and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent

by Brian Bienkowski
Cooking-pot-sized generators could replace most of what’s under the hood in hybrid cars, which would mean lighter, cheaper, cleaner and more efficient vehicles.
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Wednesday, May 4,2011

Growing pains

As electric vehicles gain popularity, where to charge them? MSU says not on campus as it develops a system.

by Brian Bienkowski
Stehouwer, a technology manager at the College of Natural Sciences at Michigan State University, owns a new Chevrolet Volt, General Motors’ plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. He started a website ' www.VoltFanSite.com ' and even made trading cards for his Volt, complete with “stats.
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Wednesday, February 16,2011

Defining the obscene

MSU professor’s new book takes on that challenge by examining how hate speech is the new obscenity

by Brian Bienkowski
As the Jan. 8 shooting rampage in Tucson brought political rancor and vitriolic discourse to the forefront of our national dialogue, Michigan State University law Professor Kevin Saunders was bringing his own research and analysis of hate speech to the public.
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Wednesday, November 10,2010

Organizing for equal treatment

MI-GOAL advocates for equal treatment of LGBT public safety and criminal justice professionals

by Brian Bienkowski
In 1991, Bouck, a gay man, was harassed and shunned after coworkers at the Michigan Department of Corrections found out about his sexual orientation. Though it was an “agonizing and debilitating experience,” Bouck knew he had to face the problem alone.
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Wednesday, September 1,2010

Building a community

A two-year struggle to open Village Summit on the south side finally pays off.

by Brian Bienkowski
Marcus Brown was a teenager living on Detroit’s east side about 25 years ago. One day he was helping a neighbor woman carry some boxes.“Did you know there’s a famous woman with your name too?” Brown asked her.Neighbors laughed at his question, leaving Brown confused. Only later would he find out that he was speaking to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. He was taken aback that a woman of her stature would be living in a drug-infested neighborhood in Detroit.
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