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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Vegging out

Bella Ruse hits the road — with help from vegetable oil

by Craig Burge
It’s this ingenuity combined with Bella Ruse’s hard touring work ethic that has seen Gillette and guitarist Joseph Barker embark on three national tours and record three EPs in the space of only a year..
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Wednesday, July 7,2010

Wax on

DJ Space spins to win at the DJ Olympics

by Craig Burge
DJ Space followed. His expertise shone through and he seemed to know when to step aside and let the music play to the room. A combination of tricky technical parts and popular song choices left the room wanting more..
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Sunday, July 4,2010

Wax on

DJ Space takes top prize in DJ Olympics

by Craig Burge
Saturday night at The Loft marked the culmination of Greater Lansing’s very first DJ Olympics. An eclectic group of local house, techno and hip-hop DJs played through an ambient haze of smoke and lighting for the title of champion.
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Wednesday, June 30,2010

'Mountain' man

John Lepard goes back to his musical roots

by Craig Burge
Imagine that on your whole body. But not for a second, forever. You never escape.’ “Then there was the other side where they would tell us of how great Heaven is going to be, the part where (we were told) we’re going to feel no pain and Jesus will be there with us.
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