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Wednesday, June 2,2010

'BackStage Pass' goes nationwide

WKAR-TV series spotlights local musicians in concert

by Jane Alexander
“Also, every program that goes out has the WKAR/Michigan State University logo, so every program is associated with Michigan State University as well. So it really helps promote the university and the mid-Michigan area to people who live all over the country.
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Wednesday, May 26,2010

Inch by inch

A push to measure the condition of all 600 miles of Lansing’s sidewalks with the goal of improvements

by Jane Alexander
Standing on a Lansing street corner, Lisa Benck hands Jessica Yorko one end of a length of string. The two crouch down and measure the length of sidewalk corners where they decline into ramps into the street. They smile warmly at curious passersby, as they take their measurements, cross the street, and crouch back down again on the opposing corner.
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