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Wednesday, September 22,2010

What makes her run

What makes her run From asthmatic childhood to Capital City River Run

by Jessica Carreras
I’m not alone in this thinking. Race codirector Dick Miles says the route itself is much of what draws runners to the River Run. The half marathon takes in the beauty of Michigan State University, the Lansing River Trail, Scott Woods, Hawk Island Park and Potter Park.
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Wednesday, July 28,2010

I am a camera

Kids tell their stories through snapshots

by Jessica Carreras
Photos from youth in the Literacy Through Photography program, along with shots from the organization’s Children With Incarcerated Parents program, will be shown at Old Town’s Creole Gallery through Aug. 29; a reception is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, for an exhibit called “Cameras in the Capital City.
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Thursday, July 22,2010

Poetry for peace

Capitol performers take a stand against violence

by Jessica Carreras
If anyone wonders whether there’s any young talent left in the state of Michigan, New Citizens Press publisher and former Lansing City Council candidate Rina Risper has an answer: a big, resounding ‘yes.
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Wednesday, May 19,2010

Carrying the torch

New and seasoned artists converge at East Lansing Art Festival

by Jessica Carreras
In 1964, as an answer to street fairs taking place in Ann Arbor, a Michigan State University advertising student began a similar event that allowed art students to exhibit and sell their work.
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Monday, March 29,2010

Building a ‘bond of respect’

MSU conference seeks to dispel myth surrounding Muslims’ connection to violence, terrorism

by Jessica Carreras
There’s no question Muslims deal with a fair amount of stigma in the United States. Negative images in the media, combined with the instilled fear of terrorism, have left Americans wondering whom they can direct their anger and panic at. In many cases, the answer has been the nation’s own Muslim American communities. But Farha Abbasi, a resident in Michigan State University’s department of psychiatry, is aiming to change that.
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Thursday, March 18,2010

Ready for 'Rent'

Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer winner addresses issues faced by Everett High School teens, says director

by Jessica Carreras
Lansing's Everett High School has become the only school in Michigan’s lower peninsula to perform Jonathan Larson's controversial rock opera, “Rent,” which tackles such topics as sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS and drugs. But theater teacher Jim Allen isn’t worried about a backlash: He has school board approval, permission from parents of the students involved and rights to a school version of the production that is decidedly “toned down,” he says, adding that these are issues that need to be addressed — even if it’s through song.
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