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Wednesday, October 13,2010

Meridian Mall: ’art-tropolis’?

New galleries pop up in an unexpected place

by Jessica Carrera
“I couldn’t be happier about it.” Owner Rick Anselmo’s eponymously gallery (in the former Gap store) shows works from well-known artists all over the world; Smith’s will display his own original glasswork. For both men, the decision to move to the mall grew out of a desire for more space.
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Wednesday, June 2,2010

A city of sightseers

Lansingites get passports to explore their own town

by Jessica Carrera
The day-long event on Saturday, June 5, includes a feature sure to put butterflies in the stomachs of all who dare to take a look. Over The Edge, put on by the Team Lansing Foundation, will feature a few daredevils rappelling down the side of Lansing’s tallest building, the Boji Tower.
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