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Thursday, May 13,2010

Home at last - after 60 years

Quaker Meeting House completed in Old Town

by Megan Murphy
“We liked the area, and when the particular lot was made available it seemed perfect,” Waltz said. “The zoning was right. Normally an easy place to build a church is out in the countryside somewhere, but we loved the feel of Old Town and wanted to be part of a community, not outside of it.
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Wednesday, May 12,2010

Eyesore of the week

Property: 600 N. Homer St., Lansing Township

by Megan Murphy
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: The former Impulse II club is situated at a major exit off a highway that is a gateway to the Lansing metro area. A gateway should be marked with buildings that convey an image of the community and civic pride to citizens and visitors.
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Wednesday, May 5,2010

Leave it to (Wild) Beaver

What’s in a name? Depends whom you talk to

by Megan Murphy
The Wild Beaver Saloon, the fourth franchise in a mini-chain, opened its doors last Friday at 205 S. Washington Square. With Seymour the beaver as the mascot and an all-female waitstaff dubbed “The Beaverettes,” this place is bound to get some feedback.
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Wednesday, March 24,2010

Do not mix

Local advocates want alcoholic energy drinks banned

by Megan Murphy
Four Loko and Joose ' these beverages might not be familiar to a parent shopping with an underage son or daughter. But packaged in cans and containing stimulating ingredients similar to energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull, there is only one difference: They contain alcohol.
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Friday, March 12,2010

Who is Powk?

An ubiquitous Lansing graffiti artist remains at-large

by Megan Murphy
Who is man or woman behind the slender black tag “Powk” that is scrawled on benches, stop signs, utility boxes and telephone poles around Lansing?We don’t know. And unless Powk is caught with a spray paint can in hand, or decides to reveal his or her identity, we will pro...
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Wednesday, February 24,2010

Txt, txt

Teens, cell phones and sexting

by Megan Murphy
“My parents told (my siblings and me) to never even think about doing it,” Bonene said. “They also mentioned that kids that do sexting are bad influences, and we should stay away from that kind of situation. I know for a fact I’m never going to do that because I have full respect for my body.
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