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Thursday, January 2,2014

Lesson learned

Confronting our society’s lack of self-sufficiency

by Andy Balaskovitz
It hit me late Thursday night as I was lying on my friend’s couch, about to fall asleep in his Foster Avenue home. I was reading Steven R. Reed’s report in the State Journal about frustrated residents without power.
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Tuesday, December 31,2013

Kids in the Hall

The Lansing Board of Water and Light’s next three steps following the ice storm

by Andy Balaskovitz
Tuesday, Dec. 31 — The Lansing Board of Water and Light’s outage management system, which handles reports from customers about where electrical outages have taken place, has not been fully operational for the “last several months,” BWL General Manager J. Peter Lark told the Lansing City Council tonight.
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Sunday, December 29,2013

Whitmer: ‘Totally unacceptable’ residents still without power

East Lansing senator says Board of Water and Light’s lack of responsiveness and accuracy is “unaddressed” public-safety issue

by Andy Balaskovitz
Sunday, Dec. 29 — It’s not just Lansing Board of Water and Light customers who are upset with their utility’s response to last weekend’s ice storm. The state Senate Minority Leader, who was also affected by power outages, blasted the public utility in a statement issued today.
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Saturday, December 28,2013

The work continues

More crews and comprehensive review of ice-storm handling coming, officials announce today

by Andy Balaskovitz
Saturday, Dec. 28 — As 3,000 Lansing Board of Water and Light customers remain without power today, the utility is spreading out more crews to help restore normalcy on day six of the area’s historic ice storm.
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Friday, December 27,2013

'Loud and clear'

BWL GM: We hear customers’ complaints “loud and clear,” prioritizing new communication and smart-grid system

by Andy Balaskovitz
Friday, Dec. 27 — Lansing Board of Water and Light General Manager J. Peter Lark said today that the utility is cognizant of customers’ communication complaints and that it’s developing new technology to handle them better in the future.
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Thursday, December 26,2013

The year in review

LGBT rights, the war on drugs and more highlights from 2013’s news cycle

by Andy Balaskovitz
In 2013, the nation watched President Obama’s signature health-care law’s tumultuous beginnings, Republicans continued their attack against women and the poor and a National Security Agency contractor leaked the beans on Big Brother.
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Friday, December 20,2013

Building Red Cedar

Ferguson sticks with construction, architecture team from past projects to build Red Cedar Renaissance

by Andy Balaskovitz
Friday, Dec. 20 — Clark Construction Co., the Lansing-based firm that built the Michigan State Police headquarters, will lead the construction on the former Red Cedar Golf Course project.
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Wednesday, December 18,2013

Now what?

Five questions to consider as a new developer is brought on for the Red Cedar Golf Course redevelopment

by Andy Balaskovitz
Local officials announced last week they had gone to the bullpen to bring in a new player to help redevelop a 61-acre former golf course on Lansing’s east side, replacing one of the original developers for reasons not immediately apparent.
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Thursday, December 12,2013

Team Red Cedar

Development heavyweights taking reins of Red Cedar Golf Course project

by Andy Balaskovitz
Thursday, Dec. 12 — Lansing developer Joel Ferguson announced a partnership today with an Ohio-based firm to transform the former Red Cedar Golf Course on Lansing’s east side into a mixed-use and recreational hub bridging the city and Michigan State University.
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Wednesday, December 11,2013

Convent coming down

Some Moores Park residents saddened by St. Casimir’s plans to demolish its 85-year-old convent. Also, saving what’s left in three LCC houses downtown.

by Andy Balaskovitz
St. Casimir Parish Community is set to demolish an 85-year-old convent at the church’s Moores Park Neighborhood campus. To the disappointment of some neighbors who want to see it preserved, the building is beyond repair, a church official said last week.
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