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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Ondol the floor

Bronze-age Korean architecture hits Ingham County

by Andy Balaskovitz
Twenty-six people formed a U on Friday around Korean architect and philosopher Jai Soon Ko in room 201 of the Michigan State University International Center. Air and heat vents dotted the ceiling, while covering the cement floor was a plain blue carpet ' not exactly Ko’s style.
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Wednesday, April 7,2010

Fighting words

Critics of author Michael Pollan gear up for a debate when he brings his gospel on healthful eating to MSU next week

by Andy Balaskovitz
So when Thon heard MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is co-sponsoring a lecture by acclaimed food and sustainable agriculture author Michael Pollan next week, he hoped his peers can put aside some of their strong emotions against Pollan and engage in a lively debate.
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