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Monday, April 9,2012

Group renovation

Local nonprofit helping to renovate local recovery houses

by Brandon Kirby
After serving in Vietnam, Taylor Swan brought back home with him combat stress. And years later, he found himself battling dependency on drugs and alcohol. In a quest to get sober, Swan went to a rehabilitation center for war veterans in Grand Rapids.
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Wednesday, May 12,2010

The straight jacket

Undercover with Lansing’s ex-gay counseling center, Corduroy Stone

by Brandon Kirby
Corduroy Stone is run by Mike Jones, a graying, middle-aged man with degrees in landscape horticulture and counseling. Jones, who is not a licensed counselor in Michigan, gives therapy to men and women looking to reconcile their feeling of same-sex attraction.
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Wednesday, March 24,2010

'Romeo & Juliette' and Miami Beach?

Michigan State University promises "fun and funky" twist on Shakespearean opera

by Brandon Kirby
It’s Shakespeare meets “Miami Vice” as the Michigan State University Opera Theatre takes on Charles Gounod’s “Romeo et Juliette.” The French-language adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy has been transferred to 1980s Miami Beach.
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Tuesday, March 16,2010

"Sounds of Relief" for Haiti

Local musicians and DJs unite for a wide-ranging fundraising event

by Brandon Kirby
“Sounds of Relief” will be heard all through the Old Town Temple Building in Lansing with a wide range of music from rock to hip-hop to electronic in an event to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. What started out as a modestly sized event sponsored by Lansing Electronic Artist Kollective and other organizations has turned into an eight-hour night of music from 6 p.m.-2 a.m Friday, March 19.
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