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Thursday, May 29,2014

ACD.net controversy

Executive of Internet provider comes under fire for alleged racially insensitive comments

THURSDAY, May 29 — A top executive at ACD.net, a local Internet provider, is coming under fire for comments left on Saginaw Chippewa Chief Steve Pego’s voicemail.
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Wednesday, May 7,2014

Road woes

City of Lansing estimates $166 million price tag to fix bad roads

Diane Cooke’s Pontiac G6 took a beating from fallen trees during this winter’s ice storms. But nothing prepared her for the destruction that the spring roads would bring to bear on her car. In a three-week time frame, she had to replace all four tires, plus her spare tire. She also had to replace two rims. The reason? The pothole-riddled streets in Lansing. It cost her over $1,000 to fix her car.
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Wednesday, May 7,2014

Enbridge, WKAR and Earth Day

Jeffrey Insko has a massive pipeline running through his backyard. He is reminded of this every time he looks out into his backyard and sees the scars left by Enbridge Energy’s pipeline replacement crews. And that reminder led to anger when he saw WKAR television and radio partnered with Enbridge for an Earth Day fundraiser to plant trees.
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Wednesday, April 30,2014

Grass, weed remedies

Bernero administration planning big changes to code compliance ordinance

Mayor Virg Bernero and his administration are preparing to introduce amendments to the city’s code compliance ordinance that would effectively eliminate property-owner notifications of alleged code violations.
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