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Wednesday, June 23,2010

Si se puede, maybe

Lansing not doing well on its second try to name a street after Cesar Chavez

by Gretchen Cochran
Dueling Facebook pages give some clues as to why. But nearly everyone polled said they wanted to find some way to honor the late founder of the United Farm Workers’ union ' if not a street, then perhaps a public gathering place in Old Town, or even the new Lansing City Market.
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Wednesday, March 31,2010

The society of Counts

Gang members bring tales of grit, change to Lansing

by Gretchen Cochran
Last Thursday night at the NorthStar Center on Lansing’s east side, Latin Counts gang member Anthony Caruso spent two hours alternating rants with another gang member. Caruso, 25, was in Lansing to give a glimpse of gang life on the streets in Chicago.
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Wednesday, March 17,2010

Upset station

City’s sale of an Old Town landmark troubles former tenants

by Gretchen Cochran
The Comfort Station was once the home of the North Lansing Community Association but has sat empty for eight years. During that period, the city has tried to sell the 17-footwide building while its former tenants seethed, angry at having been evicted and got ready for a legal battle.
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