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Wednesday, January 18,2012

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs and crepe-wrapped treats

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or something saucy, these new eateries aim to please

by Joe Torok
Hank’s offers everything from ox tails to neck bones, chicken wings, gyros, corned beef, tacos and, on the weekends, hand-tossed specialty pizzas.
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Wednesday, January 11,2012

Pasta its prime

Emil's Italian Restaurant is Lansing's oldest eatery, but these days the atmosphere outclasses the food

by Joe Torok
Emil's Italian Restaurant emphasizes its family heritage and calls itself a family-friendly eatery. With the soft lighting and intimate booths, many also consider it a romantic destination for first dates or anniversaries. Others liken the atmosphere to something out of a Martin Scorsese mob film, especially when entering from the back door.
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Wednesday, January 4,2012

Final orders

Sawyer’s Pancake House closes, but the owners leave the door open to new possibilities

by Joe Torok
Early on New Year’s Eve morning, plates of eggs, pancakes and bacon were stacking up at the order window for loyal patrons visiting Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House the day before it turned off its griddle for good.
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Wednesday, December 28,2011

Caffeine and daydreams

Red Cedar Café is a peaceful oasis in East Lansing

by Joe Torok
Red Cedar opened earlier this year adjacent to the Brookfield Plaza, at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road.
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Wednesday, December 21,2011

A touch of winter warmth

Get saucy at two local barbecue restaurants

by Joe Torok
'euro;'I'euro;'ve been barbecuing all enough flavor from the rub (sans MSG and binders, Mendoza notes) all by itself, any extra sauce would be my life, doing brisket in the backyard since I was 5 years King of the Grill 4400 N. Grand River Ave., overkill in my book.
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Wednesday, December 14,2011

'Mean cuisine' is served with a smile at Grumpy’s

An old favorite cooks up old-fashioned breakfasts

by Joe Torok
The name Grumpy s Diner conjures up a sour-faced old man waving off complaints as he barks at waitresses through an order window. I expected sassy service, brittle bacon and overcooked eggs.
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Wednesday, November 23,2011

Something fishy

Fresh Fish & Fry prides itself on its seasoning — although the saltiness can overpower the seafood

by Joe Torok
Ice cases with assorted fresh fish line one side of the market/restaurant. Expressionless faces of ocean perch, catfish, white bass, walleye and cod peer out from the glass case. Some were apparently fresher than others plenty of the fish had sunken, cloudy eyes, a clear sign that the freshest days have passed them by.
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Wednesday, November 16,2011

The pizzas are coming! The pizzas are coming!

When business drooped, Paul Revere’s Tavern owner Jim Driscoll came up with a revolutionary idea

by Joe Torok
A good New York-style pizza should be built to be held with three fingers: forefinger on top, pinching down with thumb and middle underneath, folding up the sides of large slices into a U-shape, toppings sliding down off the point as steam curls upward.
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Wednesday, November 9,2011

A well-polished Fork

Trailer Park’d crew settles into a permanent home, but the food and service remain sensational

by Joe Torok
The ownership s new brick and mortar restaurant, at the point where Saginaw Street and Oakland Avenue converge, continues the excellence. See for yourself. Take a date, your parents, someone from out of town, a stranger it doesn t matter. Just go. And when you do, you ll probably understand the gushing.
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Wednesday, October 26,2011

Don't let the name fool you

Dusty’s Cellar may sound like a second-hand store, but the food and service are definitely first-rate

by Joe Torok
Table service is well executed at Dusty’s. Clad in all-black, the serving staff is friendly, knowledgeable and purposeful.
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