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Wednesday, April 21,2010

Yes, we can

MSU Extension Service shows how to preserve veggies safely

by Joe Torok
Okay, so maybe you don’t share a Tea Party-ish apocalyptic vision of the near-future, and perhaps you want to explore some ancestral roots. Maybe you’d just like to transform those strawberries in your garden into lip-smacking jam or that ridiculously prolific tomato crop into jars of spicy salsa.
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Wednesday, April 14,2010

Down-home meets uptown

Old Town neighborhood welcomes Pastry Palette

by Joe Torok
Bill, 46, is quiet-mannered and polite, an electrical engineer for General Motors by day, supportive husband and partner to the business in his spare time. He has the temperament of a tenured philosophy professor: always willing to listen, while giving only the slightest indication the wheels are constantly whizzing in his head.
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Thursday, March 18,2010

Fruits and Leaves opens Thursday

The produce market features ethnic groceries from India, the Middle East and Mexico

by Joe Torok
Co-owners Kevin Watersian and Rushit Bhimani opened on Monday, March 15 with a limited selection of dry goods, but the store will be fully stocked with produce by Thursday.
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Wednesday, March 10,2010

Tastefully eclectic

Mary’s Homestyle Catering owner finds inspiration all around her

by Joe Torok
Before Mullins opens her kitchen on any given morning at the Mega Mall on US-27, north of Lansing, she never quite knows what her little café will offer. She rolls up her sleeves, checks out what ingredients she has onhand, and lists her decisions on a whiteboard near a dozen seats around a few small tables.
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Wednesday, February 24,2010

Not just for students

Dining halls serve distinctive cuisine

by Joe Torok
Don’t expect a rectangular slab of greasy pizza or a ladle-full of slop from a hair-netted lunch lady in the residence hall dining areas at Michigan State University. The days of “mystery meat surprise” for lunch are over, for students, faculty, staff and even the general public.
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Wednesday, February 24,2010

Zoup! is on

Popular chain plans Lansing launch

by Joe Torok
The time it takes to get a Zoup! restaurant up and running after naming a franchisee varies greatly, Ersher said. Securing real estate is usually the most cumbersome obstacle, typically taking anywhere from one to nine months. After a location is secured, a new Zoup! restaurant is within a couple months of opening.
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