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Monday, March 18,2013

Get cooking

Guest chefs visit Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

by Joe Torok
Tuesday, Aug. 30 — Michigan State University’s Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center hosts the talents of three culinary experts as a part of its fall semester visiting chef series that kicks off on Sept. 21 and 22, and continues Oct. 19 and 20 and Nov. 9 and 10.
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Wednesday, October 24,2012

Souped-up kitchen

Lansing's Soup Spoon Café has the recipe for success

by Joe Torok
A $1 billion-endowed research university, a Level I trauma hospital, and the hubs of state and city politics sit along the hungry stretch of Michigan Avenue near downtown Lansing. It's a corridor begging for higher caliber eateries like the Soup Spoon Café, a great, unpretentious little dining spot that successfully serves up both Midwestern charm and cosmopolitan panache.
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Wednesday, October 10,2012

30 rocks

Dessert is a high point for new dance club/restaurant

by Joe Torok
Bar 30, which is Eastwood Towne Center's newest addition, has the look and feel of a dance club, with its metallic decor, amoeba-patterned chairs and dance floor flanked by a fully stocked bar. While I'm sure there’s plenty of eye candy on that dance floor in the wee hours, I went for lunch looking to be impressed with what showed up on the plate.
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Wednesday, September 26,2012

Flaming Moe's

Trendy Tex-Mex chain looks better than it tastes

by Joe Torok
Moe's Southwest Grill sounds like it could be from an episode of "The Simpsons," featuring the show's longtime bartender attempting to cash in on patrons clamoring for Tex-Mex. Instead, it's an Atlanta-born restaurant franchise that recently arrived on the East Lansing food corridor across from Michigan State University, serving up tacos, burritos and fajitas.
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Wednesday, September 12,2012

A sushi love affair

Sansu seduces diners with unique menu, dining room

by Joe Torok
There's a restaurant in town I treat as a kind of secret lover: I arrange a visit only when circumstances allow, and our times together are infrequent, intimate and always satisfying.
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Wednesday, August 22,2012

Prime sub

New sandwich shop turns the tide toward fast casual dining

by Joe Torok
In the grand war of restaurant styles, legions of drive-thrus with rock bottom prices — matching the quality of the food — stand on one side of the battlefield. On the other end stand the full service restaurants — with servers, hosts and bussers in tow — offerin...
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Wednesday, August 8,2012

Dinner and a show

Ukai serves up a sizzling spectacle

by Joe Torok
There's really no need for a movie after dinner at Ukai Japanese Steakhouse—supper is the show. Arrive in any style, sit back and enjoy an evening of juggling eggs, flipping bowls and flying shrimp.
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Wednesday, July 25,2012

Meat, period

Old Town’s den of smoke and flesh pleases slobs and snobs alike

by Joe Torok
I've never been to Memphis or Kansas City, west Texas or North Carolina. So for those of you entering competitions with whole chickens, racks of ribs and a handful of butts, take my word with a grain of seasoning salt.
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Wednesday, July 11,2012


This new pizza place deserves a few bravos

by Joe Torok
Opening a new pizza place in town is like planting a tree in the forest: There’s plenty of competition, and even if you survive it’s tough to stand out.
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Wednesday, June 27,2012

Get a belly full of deli

Stateside Deli satisfies a sandwich lover's cravings

by Joe Torok
The sandwich shop that stacks the meat high, with locations in East Lansing and Okemos, has a menu you’d expect from a deli: a few dozen sandwiches and burgers, sides that mostly take a trip through the deep fryer, some slaw, salads, soda and a few desserts.
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