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Wednesday, December 31,2014

Stage struck

Local theaters were filled

by Mary C. Cusack
The year came in like a lion, literally, as Williamston Theatre opened 2014 with an outstanding production of “The Lion in Winter.” In this era of reality television where families trade their dignity for 15 minutes of fame, “Lion” is timelier now than when it was written in 1966. The play is a fictionalized version of historical events during Christmas 1183 in the home of Henry II of England and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, their sons, lovers, and other assembled guests. The psychological eviscerations are bloodier than a “Saw” movie, and the phenomenal cast, in particular Sandra Birch as the matriarch, stormed the stage with relentless narcissism and fury.
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Wednesday, November 19,2014

Curtain call: Dangerous intentions

MSU tackles French drama of social, sexual politics

by Mary C. Cusack
There can be no play more aptly fitting MSU’s seasonal theme of “Power Plays” than “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.” It is a powerful script about powerful people carelessly playing Review with power as they manipulate and destroy those around them.
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Thursday, June 26,2014

Rising like a peacock

REVIEW: MSU Summer Circle Theatre’s ‘Ruthless’

by Mary C. Cusack
THURSDAY, June 26 — The Summer Circle Theatre Series at MSU continues with a work that investigates the circular nature of families and fates. The musical “Ruthless” is far from an academic view of the topic — it more closely resembles the material covered by a “Dr. Phil” episode, which would actually be the appropriate venue for this family to hold a reunion.
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Wednesday, May 14,2014

Curtain call: Secrets and ‘Lives’

The women in Riverwalk comedic drama play with the truth

by Mary C. Cusack
The title of Riverwalk Theatre’s latest black box production, “Telling Lives,” may be a play on “telling lies,” or it may be that the circumstances in which each character finds herself is Review telling of the life she has led. As uninteresting as their lives end up being, it is a relief that they can be told in just over 90 minutes.
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Wednesday, April 16,2014

Neverland goes to India

MSU’s ‘Peter Pan’ flies high in inventive reimagining

by Mary C. Cusack
It is not possible to crow too loudly about MSU’s production of “Peter Pan,” especially as Peter himself insists the audience do so during his showstopping number, “I Gotta Crow.” The MSU Review Department of Theatre has maximized every inch of the Pasant Theatre to create a truly spectacular fantasy with amazing production values.
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Wednesday, April 2,2014

Curtain Call: A deaf in the family

Peppermint Creek drama explores family communication in a different way

by Mary C. Cusack
For those who have wished they could tune out their family during a Christmas fight over who ruined the childhood of whom, Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s “Tribes” will serve as a cautionary tale. There is a fate worse than suffering petty familial bickering: Sitting on the sidelines in silence.
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Wednesday, December 11,2013

Curtain call: Sweet ‘Christmas’

Riverwalk succeeds with iconic holiday musical

by Mary C. Cusack
If Riverwalk Theatre’s production of “Irving Berlin’s White Christmas” was a dessert, audience members would sink Review into diabetic comas well before intermission.
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Wednesday, November 6,2013

Curtain call: 'Desert' storm

Peppermint Creek unleashes a battle royal with family drama

by Mary C. Cusack
The theme of Peppermint Creek Theatre Co.’s 2013-‘14 season is “battle lines,” and they mean it. The group’s artistic director, Chad Badgero, has never shied away from a complex script, nor settled for a middling cast, and his production of “Other Desert Cities” is no exception.
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Wednesday, October 16,2013

Knocking 'em dead

Williamston’s “Woman in Black” is perfect Halloween show

by Mary C. Cusack
This month, Lansing-area folks who prefer to be scared in a more passive and cultured manner than running Review from a masked actor wielding a chainsaw in a corn maze should feast on Williamston Theatre’s production of “The Woman in Black.” Williamston knocks ‘...
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Wednesday, October 2,2013

Walking the walk

Lansing photographer documents three years of walking every street in Lansing

by Mary C. Cusack
If you live in Lansing, Ariniko O’Meara has been to your house. If you were sitting on your porch when she was by, you probably saw her. She was the woman with the camera around her neck who called out “good morning” to you as she walked past.
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