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Wednesday, March 24,2010

Small town, big trouble

’Cheatin’’ is lowbrow, but high in laughs

by Paul Wozniak
The Lansing Civic Players Guild want you to know it is revamping its image. Left with the basement of its costume shop, the Players have cleaned and reformed the space into a cozy black-box setting, albeit not one with tiered seating.
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Wednesday, March 17,2010

Comedic comfort food

’Opal’s Husband’ is predictable farce

by Paul Wozniak
The Starlight Dinner Theater is virtually immune to theater criticism for the same reason as summer blockbusters: It has a built-in audience. Their latest production, “Opal’s Husband,” never aims to be more than artistically clear, formulaic comic fare.
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Wednesday, March 10,2010

The eyes have it

Entertaining ’Watch’ looks at insecurities in post-9/11 world

by Paul Wozniak
After seeing “The Watch List” at Riverwalk Theatre, it is easy to tell playwright Eric Dawe is as big a fan of TV and film as he is of theater.
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Wednesday, February 24,2010

Anything but grave

’Club’ finds lighter side of growing old

by Paul Wozniak
A comedy about staying alive after death, Ivan Menchell’s “The Cemetery Club” applies the sitcom formula to the latter stages of life. While Menchell focuses on three widows from New York, his jokes and sentiments are equally applicable to the women of the Midwest.
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