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Wednesday, October 19,2011

A one-sided look behind the curtain

Ferguson, LCC and Oliver Towers

One rumor was that Ferguson influenced Carol Wood, Brian Jeffries, Eric Hewitt and Derrick Quinney to cast the prevailing votes against advancing the deal to a public hearing ' a decision that sent Davenport packing after its president declared the process too political.
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Friday, August 26,2011

MSU stumbles on WKAR shakeup

This story was corrected to reflect the correct name of the chairman of the WKAR Community Advisory Board.

Where does MSU get off not answering fair questions about WKAR’s financial situation?As City Pulse reported first on its website last week, the public television and radio station operation has laid off employees in an effort to stop its financial bleeding. We know that Rob South, a ...
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Wednesday, August 17,2011

Too many people to thank

The first night was the worst. At 5 p.m., our production editor quit. We’d been bickering about my desire for paper proofs versus his desire to proofread the first issue of City Pulse on a computer screen. Chalk up our differences to our ages: At 30 years younger than I, he no doubt thought a computer was the way to go.
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Wednesday, March 30,2011

Phoenix Risen: A special section for a special project

In 2007, City Pulse was about to publish a short story that the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America was going to adapt the Ottawa Power Station to be its headquarters.
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Wednesday, March 9,2011

Where's Virg?

On his way to India on business in search of jobs for Lansing, his office says

Mayor Virg Bernero slipped out of Lansing Tuesday for a surprise business trip to Mumbai, India, that his office announced in a press release after he had departed.Bernero is going “to meet with the leaders of a global manufacturing corporation headquartered in India,” the release said.
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Wednesday, August 18,2010

The long view

A talk with Sharon Parks on aiding low-income citizens

Sharon Parks will retire soon as president and CEO of the Michigan League of Human Services, where she started 33 years as a policy analyst. The League is an advocacy group for low-income residents. Kyle Melinn and Berl Schwartz interviewed her last week on City Pulse’s radio show, which airs weekly at 7 p.m.
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