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Wednesday, August 27,2014

Sumptuous summit

Michigan homeless conference to be held at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

by Kyle Melinn
The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa probably isnīt the first place youīd look to find someone needing a roof over his or her head. Yet, in two weeks nearly 400 people whose job it is to dole out federal money and provide help for the homeless will be at the "four-season destination resort and meeting center" to bounce ideas off each other and coordinate services.
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Wednesday, July 30,2014

8th Congressional voters put in unexpected spot

by Kyle Melinn
Itīs hard to believe Mike Rogers wonīt be Lansingīs congressman next year. He surprised everyone by trading his House Intelligence Committee gavel for a national radio microphone, particularly those now in the best position to replace him.
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Wednesday, April 16,2014

The crazier, the better

Conservative McMillin is Democrats’ dream Republican candidate for 8th District seat

by Kyle Melinn
In a gubernatorial year with Republican incumbents on the ballot and the negative publicity surrounding Obamacare sucking wind out of the Democrats’ talking points, will conservatives breeze to victory in the open 8th Congressional District race?
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Thursday, November 21,2013

Whitmer withdraws name for LG, AG in ‘14

‘At this point in time, I have to spend a little more energy on the home front’

by Kyle Melinn
Thursday, Nov. 21 — Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, said today she will not put her name on a statewide ticket in 2014, meaning a run for lieutenant governor or attorney general is out.
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Wednesday, June 5,2013

Nobody really thinks Rogers will run for Senate

by Kyle Melinn
The "Mike Rogers for U.S. Senate?" rumor wasn't circulating long before the Democrats in Washington picked up the phone and started gauging interest in possible 8th Congressional District candidates. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum and Ingham County Clerk Eric Schertzing were among those who piqued the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's interest several weeks ago.
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Friday, May 17,2013

What can Dems pick up?

Michigan Democratic Party chairman puts 8th Congressional District in play

by Kyle Melinn
Friday, May 17 — The chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party considers the 8th Congressional District an “absolutely winnable race” for Democrats regardless of whether seven-term U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Howell, runs for the U.S. Senate in 2014 or is tapped to run the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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Wednesday, April 17,2013

What's next for Whitmer?

Checking in with City Pulse readers' favorite politician: Grateful to serve and unsure of the future

by Kyle Melinn
About 13 years ago, 28-year-old Gretchen Whitmer knocked her first door in East Lansing and Meridian Township as a candidate for the 69th state House district. The eager first-time candidate had a law degree. She had a couple of years' experience as an attorney. She served on the staff of former House Speaker Curtis Hertel, Sr., father of Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel, Jr.
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Wednesday, March 20,2013

Count on 'Bernero '13,' not 'Bernero '14'

by Kyle Melinn
We've heard this before, haven't we? Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero saying he will run for re-election and isn't interested in running for a higher office next year?
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Tuesday, March 19,2013

Bauer opts out of 2014 Senate race

Former Lansing state representative won't seek Sen. Gretchen Whitmer's seat come 2014

by Kyle Melinn
Tuesday, March 19 —Former Rep. Joan Bauer will not run for the state Senate in 2014, saying in a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon that she wants to "explore other options and also want to spend quality time with my husband, Doug Langham."
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Monday, March 18,2013

Take millage vote out on Council

Lansing says no to tax increase

by Kyle Melinn
Tuesday, May 3 — If you're as mad as I am about Tuesday's millage going down in flames, don't waste your time lashing out at the 52.23 percent of Lansing voters who put a black mark through "no" on their ballot.
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