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Wednesday, March 31,2010

Taking a walk on the wild side

Poet Thomas Lynch tries his hand at fiction

by Bill Castanier
His newest collection of fiction is a departure from his previous books which were collections of essays and poetry. And, although Lynch is currently working on a longer piece of fiction, he said if he didn’t use poetry as a daily exercise he wouldn’t write.
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Wednesday, March 31,2010

Dealer Profile

Kaleidoscope Books & Collectibles

by Bill Castanier
Jeffrey Pickell of Kaleidoscope Books & Collectibles describes his Ann Arbor store as “eclectic” and he is bringing stock which reflects that description to the Michigan Antiquarian Book and Paper Show. When people come into the bookstore they see “organized chaos&rd...
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Wednesday, March 24,2010

Let them eat books?

Literary events bloom in April all over Lansing

by Bill Castanier
The annual Rally of Writers, an all-day workshop, is set for April 10 at Lansing Community College’s west campus. The rally includes programs on everything from writing thrillers to poetry and, according to organizer Linda Peckham, at $70 it is one of the best bargains for aspiring writers in the Midwest.
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Wednesday, March 17,2010

Cemetery Symmetry

Death is only the beginning of the story in a Niffenegger novel

by Bill Castanier
Niffenegger and her writing are known for unusual goings on. Take her first book, “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” which put an unusual twist on H.G. Welles’ literary trope of time-travel. A young couple, Clare and Henry, meet, fall in love and marry. That’s where the tradition ends and Niffenegger’s imagination begins.
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Wednesday, March 10,2010

Black and white and red-faced all over

Editor Gerald Boyd broke down barriers, until scandal ended his career

by Bill Castanier
Stone was recently on the Michigan State University campus as part of the School of Journalism’s centennial celebration and to promote Boyd’s book, “My Times In Black and White,” which has just been published.
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Wednesday, March 3,2010

She said/ she said

HerStories series recognizes unsung heroines and stories

by Bill Castanier
Now, Law Burns is one of the authors, storytellers and poets who will help pass the torch to other women yearning to tell their own stories and the stories of others.
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Wednesday, February 24,2010


Kim Harrison puts 'Magic' on the page

by Bill Castanier
Author Kim Harrison, who grew up in Northern Michigan, describes herself as a “geeky girl with my nose in a book.” However, the books she read were not your typical young adult books. Harrison, who writes edgy, urbanfantasy novels with a brew of magic, vampires, witches, warlocks and other creatures, read the likes of Arthur C.
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