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Wednesday, April 20,2011

4/20/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
Medical marijuana defense attorneys Mary Chartier and Matt Newburg; Beverly Hynes and Andrew Larson; Gilda Jacobs, president of the Michigan League of Human Services; Wharton Center programming manager Bryan Jao
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Wednesday, April 13,2011

4/13/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
JFK Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine; michiganliberal.com's Eric Baerren; Capital City Film Festival's Dominic Cochran
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Wednesday, April 6,2011

4/6/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
Casino ballot issue leader J. Michael McKay; political strategist Todd Cook on the Lansing 1st Ward race; Judge Michael Harrison on the Lansing 150 sculpture; Lansing Fire Fighter union president Bryan Epling; pollster Tom Shields
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Wednesday, March 30,2011

3/30/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
Jim Cash of the Christman Co., Steve Reynolds and Stepheni Schlinker of the Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America; bob Trezise, president and CEO of the Lansing Economic Development Corp. Also, "The Grapes of Wrath" opera composer Ricky Ian Gordon and Melanie Helton, director of MSU opera theater.
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Wednesday, March 23,2011

3/23/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
Craig Fox, author of "Everyday Klansfolk: White Protestant Life and the KKK in 1920s Michigan"; Kyle Melinn on whether protests matter; Echoes of Pink Floyd
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Wednesday, March 16,2011
Wednesday, March 9,2011


State Rep. Joan Bauer, D-Lansing, on gun control at public libraries; Kyle Melinn; Phil Howard of the MSU School of Agriculture on food deserts in Lansing; "Lucky" filmmakers Phil Howard and Tony Griffin
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Wednesday, March 2,2011

3/2/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
Political consultant Todd Cook; Vietnam Underground Press historian Ken Wachsberger; ACLU of Michigan Legislative Director Shelli Weisberg
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Wednesday, February 23,2011

2/23/11 Show

by City Pulse Radio
State Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing; John Bebow of the Center for Michigan on redistricting; Jennifer Battle of the MSU Office of Sustainability, Talya Tavor of Beyond Coal and Michaela Howard of the Sierra Student Coalition, on coal at MSU
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Wednesday, February 16,2011

2/16/11 Show

by Administrator
State Sen.Appropriations Committee Chairman Roger Kahn; Craig Wieland and Dennis Preston, author and illustrator of "Pointed Poems: Tools for Teaching Conservative Thinking"; Chad DeKatch, director of "Hairspray."
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