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Wednesday, May 7,2014

Miura magic

World-class sommelier’s Pinot Noirs are pure enchantment

by Michael Brenton
What happens when Emmanuel Kemiji, a world-class sommelier, establishes a winery and gains access to fruit from California´s most highly regarded Pinot Noir vineyards? Miura Vineyards happens.
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Wednesday, April 30,2014

Court marshal

Pizza entrepreneur wants to mobilize food carts in north Lansing

Mobile food carts are the ronin of the dining world: Rootless, solitary creatures, easily transportable to “hot” locations, good at getting a job done and then disappearing when the mission’s complete. Each has a dedicated discipline (tacos, hot dogs, skewered kebabs) and uses that specialty to fill a particular need in society. Occasion ally they must set aside their differences and band together to keep the peace — a hungry crowd is a dangerous crowd.
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Wednesday, April 9,2014

He Ate, She Ate: Mike’s Village Restaurant

Dimondale diner does breakfast right, with a side of quirky

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson
It’s said that a small town lacking a social hub is in danger of becoming a ghost town. Bars often serve as this social glue, sometimes schools or churches.
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Wednesday, April 2,2014

Choose your own thirst quencher

Amended Michigan liquor code allows customers to bring wine to restaurants

by Michael Brenton
You walk into a restaurant, intending to order a nice bottle of wine with dinner. You check out the wine list, but can’t convince yourself to spend $35 for a wine you recently purchased for $12 at the retail store. Or you see a better bottle of wine that you splurged on for $40, but here it’s $80 or $90. So what do many wine consumers do? Order a beer. The restaurant misses out on profit from the wine, and you don’t get what you really want.
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Food court of appeals

Reality show contest will give new local eatery free space in Lansing Mall

It’s been a few years since Hugh Jackman and his boxing robot thrust mid-Michigan into the national spotlight — yes, that was Mason City Hall playing a bit part in “Real Steel.” Now it’s Lansing chance to get in the ring. This week the Food Network will tape an episode of its reality show contest “Food Court Wars” in two capital city locations: Lansing City Market and the Lansing Mall. The show will pit two local teams of aspiring restaurateurs, whose identities are being kept secret, against each other for a year of free rent for their fledgling business in the Lansing Mall’s food court.
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Wednesday, March 12,2014

She Ate: Nice buns

by Gabrielle Johnson
When I went to Sexton High School, we had an hour for lunch and everyone was allowed to leave campus. We would frequent the food court in the Lansing Mall, all of the fast food places on West Saginaw and the few nearby convenience stores. While we wouldn’t have been able to afford daily lunches at Fork in the Road, I for one would have saved up and splurged on Fridays.
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Wednesday, March 12,2014

He Ate: Tell me about the rabbit

by Mark Nixon
The farm-to-table movement is so prevalent that it risks becoming a cliché. Who knows? Our local McDonald’s may one day brag about free-range Chicken McNuggets raised on a McFarm in McEaton County.
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Wednesday, March 5,2014

Java men

New Lansing ‘micro-roastery’ keeps the focus on coffee beans

by Katy Barth
Thursday, Mar. 5 — For some people, enjoying a fresh cup of joe is more than pressing the brew button on a coffeemaker — it’s a daily sacrament. For those who take their coffee seriously, the Lansing-based “micro-roastery” business Craft & Mason Roasting Co., which produces locally roasted coffee beans, was launched late last year.
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Wednesday, February 12,2014

He Ate, She Ate

Gastropub chain a good fit for downtown East Lansing

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson
If you don'euro;'t go much for beer, my advice is to go to HopCat anyway. With close to 100 beers on tap, there'euro;'s a good chance you'euro;'ll find a beer that appeals. If you'euro;'re a complete teetotaler, well, maybe you should walk on by. On the other hand, food is no orphan in this.
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Wednesday, February 5,2014

Acclaim of Rhônes

Sampling the new releases from renowned French wine region

by Michael Brenton
The Rhône Valley of Southeast France, named for the river with headwaters in the Swiss Alps, winds its way into France and then bisects the valley for 250 miles on its path to the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to hearty vines, hearty wines and hearty people, and for years it was relatively undiscovered. That is no longer the case, but it remains home to some of the greatest wines wines of the world.
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