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Wednesday, March 12,2014

He Ate: Tell me about the rabbit

by Mark Nixon
The farm-to-table movement is so prevalent that it risks becoming a cliché. Who knows? Our local McDonald’s may one day brag about free-range Chicken McNuggets raised on a McFarm in McEaton County.
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Wednesday, March 5,2014

Java men

New Lansing ‘micro-roastery’ keeps the focus on coffee beans

by Katy Barth
Thursday, Mar. 5 — For some people, enjoying a fresh cup of joe is more than pressing the brew button on a coffeemaker — it’s a daily sacrament. For those who take their coffee seriously, the Lansing-based “micro-roastery” business Craft & Mason Roasting Co., which produces locally roasted coffee beans, was launched late last year.
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Wednesday, February 12,2014

He Ate, She Ate

Gastropub chain a good fit for downtown East Lansing

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson
If you don'euro;'t go much for beer, my advice is to go to HopCat anyway. With close to 100 beers on tap, there'euro;'s a good chance you'euro;'ll find a beer that appeals. If you'euro;'re a complete teetotaler, well, maybe you should walk on by. On the other hand, food is no orphan in this.
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Wednesday, February 5,2014

Acclaim of Rhônes

Sampling the new releases from renowned French wine region

by Michael Brenton
The Rhône Valley of Southeast France, named for the river with headwaters in the Swiss Alps, winds its way into France and then bisects the valley for 250 miles on its path to the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to hearty vines, hearty wines and hearty people, and for years it was relatively undiscovered. That is no longer the case, but it remains home to some of the greatest wines wines of the world.
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Wednesday, January 29,2014

Brewing BAD

Mason craft brewery finds success in experimentation — just don’t come hungry

by Katy Barth
Giving your business an off-kilter name could turn out to a mark of ironic genius — Hooters and Fuddruckers laughed all the way to the bank with tongue-in-cheek monikers — but to call your business “bad” seems like a recipe for trouble.
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Wednesday, January 22,2014

Meet your meat

MSU Student Organic Farm project lets pigs be pigs

by Laura Johnson
It’s a little-known fact that pigs, like birds, build nests for their young. “This is what they want to do when they give birth,” said Laurie Thorp, a professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Community Sustainability and director of the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment program.
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Wednesday, January 15,2014

He ate, she ate

Pleasant surprises await at low-key Haupei

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson
Everybody loves RaySome folks will take one look at Huapei Restaurant and keep going. Its inconspicuous location next to a shuttered Shell gas station is one reason. Its exterior appearance, which gives you the feeling that maybe the place is closed for good, is another. The interior h...
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Thursday, January 9,2014

Champagne finance reform

Annual farmer fizz evaluation back with new picks for 2014

by Michael Brenton
Sparkling wine is made in virtually every wine-producing region, but Champagne is made only in the Champagne region of Burgundy, France. Champagne can be made from a single grape variety or a combination of up to three: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
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Thursday, December 26,2013

State of organic

A look back at healthy eating choices in the Lansing area

by Laura Johnson
It’s been an exciting year for local food and agriculture, adding to the impressive progress that’s been made over the last decade.
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Wednesday, December 18,2013

She ate: A view to a kale

by Gabrielle Johnson
When I went to Capital Prime recently, I was impressed with the makeover the restaurant has undergone since converting into a steakhouse from its previous in carnation, Bar 30. The walls are a deep, smoky blue and modern chandeliers and artwork hang from the walls. There is a definite feeling of swank.
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