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Wednesday, July 9,2014

She ate: Full of color, bursting with flavor

by Gabrielle Johnson
There are few things I like better than a slightly crisped, lightly greasy corn tortilla wrapped around a fragrant, flavorful protein (al pastor, or marinated pork, is my favorite), a pinch of queso fresco (soft, white, crumbly Mexican cheese) and packing a little heat — preferably from a chunky, fresh salsa.
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Wednesday, July 2,2014

Delight of life

The Leelanau wine loop has grown into a world-class attraction

by Michael Brenton
Winery hopping through Leelanau Peninsula is beginning to feel a bit like traveling through Sonoma a couple of decades ago. Lots of scenic beauty, winding roads, friendly tasting room staff, wines achieving international recognition and a rapidly expanding roster of wineries. The Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association (lpwines.com) boasts 25 winery members, with more set to come next year. One can no longer plan to visit all the wineries in just a weekend — rather, plan for several extremely enjoyable weekends on the peninsula.
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Wednesday, June 25,2014

Keeping cool

Bath custard shop offers frozen treats, boating and slices of local history

by Gabrielle Johnson
Ice cream fans have it too easy — if you’re patient enough, a truck will drive right down your street and bring some to you. No, the real white lion of summer confections is frozen custard, the cold (but not too cold), rich (but not too rich) dessert, seemingly custom-made for mid-Michigan summer nights.
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Wednesday, June 18,2014


Farm bill gives mid-Michigan’s agricultural community a boost

by Michelle Bryan
Along a twisty dirt road in Westphalia, about a half hour northwest of Lansing, is K & K Dairy Farm. It’s right out of a Pure Michigan commercial: The rolling grass is a perfect shade of green up against ORGANIC a brightly painted apple red barn, adjacent to a farmhouse where visitors are welcomed by a sandy Labrador and an orderly herd of friendly of cows. Yes, friendly — they follow the farm’s owner Gregg Trierweiler around like giant puppy dogs.
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Wednesday, June 11,2014

He Ate, She Ate: Waterfront Bar & Grill

Waterfront Bar leads a thriving riverfront entertainment scene

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson
Downtown Lansing’s Waterfront Bar & Grill is a work in progress. For those who have longed for a vibrant riverfront, including restaurants, the fact that Lansing now boasts a restaurant gracing the Grand River is indeed progress.
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Wednesday, June 4,2014

Festivals for the rest of us

Get in the spirit with festivals dedicated to Michigan wine and craft beer

by Michael Brenton
Summer is nigh, and that means celebrations of fermented juice will soon be in full swing across all regions of Michigan. In fact, some have already started. The Michigan Beer & Brat Festival over Memorial Day weekend showcased the growing vitality of the Great Lake State’s beverage producers. New Michigan wineries, cideries, meaderies and breweries continue to sprout up, boasting some awesome and creative beverages at the festivals.
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Wednesday, May 14,2014

She ate: Naan stop

by Gabrielle Johnson
The first time I went to Persis, my dining companion and I stopped in to try the $9.99 weekday lunch buffet. It was a bit later than the standard noon hour and the restaurant was virtually empty. We were seated and immediately grabbed plates and made our way down the line as I loaded my plate with tastes of almost everything.
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Wednesday, May 14,2014

He ate: Spice world

by Mark Nixon
It was as if I had stumbled into the culinary equivalent of a “Seinfeld” episode. You know, the famous break-up episode, where the breaker-upper tells George, “It’s not you, it’s me.”
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Wednesday, May 7,2014

Miura magic

World-class sommelier’s Pinot Noirs are pure enchantment

by Michael Brenton
What happens when Emmanuel Kemiji, a world-class sommelier, establishes a winery and gains access to fruit from California´s most highly regarded Pinot Noir vineyards? Miura Vineyards happens.
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Wednesday, April 30,2014

Court marshal

Pizza entrepreneur wants to mobilize food carts in north Lansing

Mobile food carts are the ronin of the dining world: Rootless, solitary creatures, easily transportable to “hot” locations, good at getting a job done and then disappearing when the mission’s complete. Each has a dedicated discipline (tacos, hot dogs, skewered kebabs) and uses that specialty to fill a particular need in society. Occasion ally they must set aside their differences and band together to keep the peace — a hungry crowd is a dangerous crowd.
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