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Wednesday, May 18,2011

New addresses for old favorites

The Wild Rose pops up; Downtown Dog House becomes The Boardroom

by Joe Torok
A lunch buffet is new to the location and the menu has expanded, too. Valdez says customers have gone crazy over her caldo, a stew and soup hybrid loaded with beef and vegetables. Menudo is new, too, and pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) will be coming soon.
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Wednesday, May 11,2011

Dimitri's changes locations, but retains its standards

Now in Delta Township, the venerable restaurant has expanded its menu

by Joe Torok
Reborn in comfortable new digs on Saginaw Road near Creyts Road, Dimitri’s is now run by Stamiti Stathopoulos, son of the restaurant’s namesake. The decision to reopen was not easy (or cheap), and a name change was considered. But in the end, Stathopoulos stuck with a proven commodity.
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Wednesday, May 4,2011

Peninsula pleasures

Leelanau’s vinters rebound gloriously after weathering a tough season in 2009

by Michael Brenton
The annual spring media event sponsored April 16 by the Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association provided ample support for the buzz about the 2010 wine vintage in northwest Michigan.
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Wednesday, April 27,2011

Still saucy after all these years

Sip ’n Snack has been an Okemos institution since the 1950s

by Joe Torok
Retirement is a dirty word to Valentine Korrey. The 88-year-old drives himself to work at 2 a.m. five mornings a week, to the same grill he’s been cracking eggs on, to the same stainless steel counters he’s been making Coney sauce on, to the same restaurant he’s owned for over five decades.
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Wednesday, April 20,2011

A smorgasbord of dining news

What’s opening and what’s changing in the restaurant world in the near-future

by Joe Torok
Xiao (pronounced shee-ow) China Grille & Lounge had a soft opening earlier this month, but it plans to roll out a grand opening event the first week of May. In his location at 3415 E. Saginaw Street, just beyond Coolidge Road, Xiao owner Frank Cheng has created an Chinese and American fusion bistro with a full bar and contemporary style.
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Wednesday, April 13,2011

Stunning decor, tummy-pleasing dishes

Owner puts a personal touch on everything at Thai Princess

by Joe Torok
While some diners are happy their meal is simply edible, Thai Princess should please a higher standard gourmand with a kitchen that combines years of experience developing flavors in the toughest of restaurateur proving grounds ' New York City ' with an artist’s eye for aesthetic presentation.
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Wednesday, April 6,2011

The hills are alive — with wines worth singing about

They may not be well known in the States, but these Austrian delights are delicious discoveries

by Michael Brenton
The recent wine-tasting fundraiser at the Kellogg Center, benefiting the Michigan State University Museum, provided a cornucopia of the wines of the world ' or the world of wine. But where to start when confronted with more than 200 versions of tasty juice?.
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Wednesday, March 30,2011

Yes, Mama’s Kitchen may be quaint, but a greasy spoon it ain’t

The bacon alone could send you to seventh heaven

by Joe Torok
Mama’s Kitchen may offer breakfast bacon that could be sold by the gram on street corners and hamburgers loaded enough to require a third jaw hinge, but it just doesn’t feel right to call the little diner that bookends the north side of the Chandler Crossings strip mall a greasy spoon.
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Thursday, March 24,2011

Harry’s Place changes with the times

Venerable bar/eatery celebrates its 90th year

by Joe Torok
A mound rubble ' broken concrete cuboids with tendrils of amputated rebar ' rests on the desolate lot formerly occupied by a General Motors plant on Verlinden Avenue near Harry’s Place, an old-time bar and restaurant, rebuilding its image in a post-industrial neighborhood.
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Wednesday, March 9,2011

Coast to coast

California-launched Submarina chain brings great food to Lansing

by Joe Torok
California subs: They’re now in Michigan, — warm fresh buns, avocados on top.If the "California Gurls" beat of Top 40 sugar-pop sex-kitten Katy Perry doesn’t draw you to Submarina in south Lansing, the jalapeno bacon just might.
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