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Wednesday, September 8,2010

Jose's: Muy bueno

A deli brings the tastes of Cuba to Lansing

by Joe Torok
Lansing has a handful of fantastic, inconspicuous eateries, and Jose’s Cuban Sandwich & Deli is on that list.Housed in a gas station at the corner of Kalamazoo Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Jose’s has been serving up sandwiches since February. Owner Jose Antonio Vivanco, who was born in Lima, Peru, has been in the restaurant business for 20 years.
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Wednesday, September 1,2010

Karahi grills up Eastern favorites

by Joe Torok
Karahi King Grill opened during the summer in the Trowbridge Plaza in East Lansing, around the corner from Woody’s Oasis, next door to Korea House.
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Wednesday, September 1,2010

It’s my party, and I’ll wine if I want to

A little imagination plus a little libation can add up to a whole lot of fall fun

by Michael Brenton
Sadly, the long days of summer and barbecue season are waning. But the colorful days of autumn are almost here: People are returning from summer holidays, football season is upon us, and the opportunity for tailgating and finding excuses to have fun with friends will soon be in full swing.
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Wednesday, August 25,2010

Small wonder

Tiny Golden Harvest delivers powerhouse breakfast options

But I have a confession. I feel I need to come clean about my sentimental favorite, the place I habitually return to despite all of Lansing’s wonderful choices, my sinful lover bacon-wrapped in guilt. But fortunately the kind of guilt that can be easily dissipated by an omelette as big as my head.
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Wednesday, August 18,2010

Fit to be Thai-ed

Despite location change, Thailand maintains its authentic flavors

by Joe Torok
While spicy food is a characteristic of many Thai dishes, Hicks says customers can control heat in most dishes. Authentic recipes are a source of pride for Thailand. Consistency can be expected, too, as the place runs five days a week with exactly one cook: Ann Vimolsathit.
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Wednesday, August 11,2010

Island girl

A Hawaiian native cooks up delicacies at Pii Lani’s Buffet

by Joe Torok
Born and raised in Hawaii, Piilani moved to the Lansing area over 30 years ago and began an ongoing catering business. Her new venture features a daily lunch buffet and, if all goes according to plan, may soon feature a nightly dinner buffet ($8.99)..
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Wednesday, August 4,2010

The grape escape

Michigan wines impress at Leland festival

by Michael Brenton
I was curious to see if there would be many wines from the challenging 2009 vintage, and how they would show, but most of the wines continued to be 2007 and 2008 juice.
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Thursday, July 29,2010

Ramon's revival

Tex-Mex restaurant has had a bumpy ride; now it's back in business

by Joe Torok
Ramon’s, a family-run restaurant owned by Margarita and Ramon Fuentes that once had two locations in Lansing, opened in 1976 before shuttering in 2002.
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Wednesday, July 21,2010

Bella Harvest can be a dirty business

But owner Kevin Nichols insists quality produce is worth the extra effort

by Joe Torok
On any given day, Bella Harvest offers 20 to 25 varieties of produce. In the winter, very little is organic, and that disappoints customers. As the growing season matures, though, organic options proliferate until they peak in late July and early August, when nearly 100 percent of his produce is organic.
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Wednesday, July 14,2010

Pour health

’Drinking your lunch’ is hardly a disgrace at Eden’s Juice

by Joe Torok
Patrons recently celebrated the grand opening of Eden’s Juice in downtown Lansing. The juice bar, in business since March, welcomed friends ' both old and new, celebrities and average Joes ' to select from an expanded menu of healthy juices and more..
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