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Friday, October 7,2011

Why not fall for Niagara this fall?

Beautiful wine country and fine vineyards are waiting just across the border

by Alan Kerr
By ALAN KERR In some ways Napa and Niagara are similar. Well OK, Napa is a warm climate region and Niagara is cool climate ' aside from several days this summer when the temperature gauge cranked up close to 100. What they have in common is that they both appeal to hordes of tourists from far and wide.
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Food finder

Cafes & Diners

by City Pulse
TED DEE’S SANDWICH SHOP ' This downtown Lansing spot serves a variety of deli sandwiches and specialties, like the chicken cheese panini. 119 S. Washington Square, Lansing. 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday. (517) 374-2784. www.ted-dees.com. TO, D (orders of $20 or more), OM, WiFi, $
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Wednesday, September 21,2011

Chicken coup

Broasted birds are served up at Augie’s

by Joe Torok
Augie’s Broasted Chicken opened Aug. 18, and owner Anne Ganakas, who operated the Arby’s fast food franchise formerly housed where Augie’s now sits, says the patented pressurecooked broasted style results in a juicer bird that isn’t as oily as traditional fried chicken.
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Wednesday, August 24,2011

Swanky and inventive

Enso has ample ambiance and some fine dishes, but certain elements could use a bit of polishing

by Joe Torok
A red carpet greets diners at the front door and sets the upscale mood. The patio, perhaps the best in the area, is a distinct dining space ' not just a slab of concrete with some patio furniture, like so many others ' complete with outdoor bar, fire pits and giant torches.
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Wednesday, August 17,2011

Lansing is fit to be Thai-ed

by Joe Torok
The No Thai! name is a play on an owner’s first name, but being a college-town creation, No Thai! revels in irreverence. Cooks and order-takers reference both a "Seinfeld" icon and text-speak culture with T-shirts that read “No Thai 4 U!” Don’t expect Thai Nazi treatment, though; the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is casual.
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Wednesday, August 3,2011

The state of Michigan wines

Leland Festival provides a tasty picture of our area wine makers’ latest creations

by Michael Brenton
Mark Carlson of Suttons Bay’s Silver Leaf Vineyard poured his 2009 reserve Chardonnay, aged 18 months in French oak. Fans of full malolactic, barrel-aged Chardonnay will enjoy the buttery, vanillatinged flavors, broad palate and creamy mouth feel.
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Wednesday, July 27,2011

Embracing Gracie's Place

Williamston is buzzing over an awesome eatery

by Joe Torok
I learned quickly of its popularity on a Friday evening. The dining space was bustling with activity, conversations layered one on top of another, waitstaff bouncing like lasers from kitchen to table and back. One table was left unreserved for the evening, on the patio, in the still-hot sunlight without an umbrella.
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Friday, July 22,2011

Something new for summer

Soup Spoon Caf' expands its menu for the season; check out the new Dawg in East Lansing

by Joe Torok
Server Eric Austin, an enthusiastic ambassador of all things Soup Spoon, explains that the Spoon-I-pino concept is an interpretation of cioppino, a type of fish stew originating from Italian fisherman immigrants who settled in the San Francisco area.
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Wednesday, July 13,2011

Drive-in dining

Nip-n-Sip serves up deep-fried memories

by Joe Torok
We pulled in next to one of many drive-up menus that surround the kitchen and server station hub in the center of the lot. At Nip-n-Sip, your car is your commissary, although tables underneath two metal canopies do offer an open-air alternative to vehicular dining.
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Wednesday, July 6,2011

Cheers to beers

Thompsonville’s annual Beer and Brat Festival provides a chance to sample some of Michigan’s most notable brews

by Michael Brenton
Craft beers. Micro brews. Whatever you choose to call them, appreciation for craft-brewed beers and ales and other specialty beverages, such as hard cider and mead, is expanding in Michigan.
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