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Wednesday, June 10,2015

Where’s the meat? The Meatmen headline The Loft

Tesco Vee talks Jello Biafra, Touch & Go and new LP

by Sarah Winterbottom
Lansing’s hardcore-punk roots can be traced back to one man: Tesco Vee. Aside from founding and fronting the Meatmen — a band known for its shocking, tongue in-cheek anthems like “Tooling for Anus” and “Crippled Children Suck” — he also founde...
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Wednesday, June 10,2015

Hop to it

Could Kalamazoo’s Art Hop work in Lansing?

by Ty Forquer
Members of Lansing’s arts community, searching for a ways to energize the local art scene, are looking to the southwest for inspiration. Kalamazoo’s popular Art Hop event is thriving, and some local artists are wondering if the idea could be transplanted to Greater Lansing. ...
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Wednesday, June 10,2015

Not their first rodeo

Grand American Fish Rodeo builds on last year

by Ty Forquer
The Grand American Fish Rodeo, Lansing’s fledgling festival dedicated to high lighting the city’s waterways, kicks off its second year this weekend. The festival was founded, at least in part, to put the spotlight on one of the city’s great resources: the Grand River. “We have an awesome river,” said Terry Terry, founder and president of MessageMakers and organizer of the festival.
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Wednesday, June 10,2015

Consumption junction

A look at the variety of marijuana ingestion methods

by Steve Green
Should I smoke, eat or vape my marijuana? Now, more than ever, we see headlines and hear more talk about marijuana, both for medical and recreational uses. It seems everywhere I go, I get a question or two about marijuana products or the laws regarding them. One of the questions I h...
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Wednesday, June 10,2015

Boogie men

Thursday, June 18

by Michelai A. Graham
Every good meal deserves an appetizer, and East Lansing’s Summer Solstice Jazz Festival is offering a musical appetizer June 18 before serving a full plate of jazz June 19 and 20. The festival is hosting its first ever kick-off fundraising event, featuring performances by “Boog...
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Monday, June 8,2015

Censorship happens

Re-release shines light on forgotten Lansing author

by Bill Castanier
MONDAY, JUNE 8 — Almost 90 years after it was banned in the U.S. for obscenity, “What Happens,” a 1926 book by Lansing author John Herrmann, has been re-released.
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Friday, June 5,2015

Fight for your right

Wilson rises up with new LP

by Rich Tupica
With a debut 2013 album titled “Full Blast Fuckery,” one could guess that Wilson delivers fist-pumping hard-rock tunes. Known for its colossal, riff-driven sound, the Detroit based band comprises vocalist Chad Nicefield, guitarists Jason Spencer and Kyle Landry, bassist James Lascu and drummer Matthew Puhy. This year the band inked a deal with Razor & Tie Records and recorded its hook-filled sophomore album, “Right to Rise,” in Atlanta. The upcoming disc is due out June 30.
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Thursday, June 4,2015

Hoofing it for history

Historical Society of Greater Lansing offers summer walking tours

by Ty Forquer
THURSDAY, JUNE 4 — Lansing residents can get a little history while they get a little exercise this summer. The Historical Society kicks off its series of summer walking tours Saturday with a tour of Lansing Community College’s downtown campus.
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Wednesday, June 3,2015

A falcon, not a duck

MSU clarinetist Guy Yehuda flies high on new CD

by Lawrence Cosentino
Clarinets have a reputation as the splashing, raucous waterfowl of the orchestral ecosystem, indelicate tubes that Review emit goosey honks and lubricious smears. There’s not much duck in Guy Yehuda, the latest top-drawer musician to join the faculty of MSU’s College of Music. Yehuda imbues his tube with a purity, nobility and lofty distance that calls to mind a falcon’s flight.
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Wednesday, June 3,2015

Curatin Call: Escalation game

‘Best of Friends’ serves up cold revenge

by Paul Wozniak
Imagine a world where people assumed the worst intentions of others and acted on their basest instincts. Welcome to “Best of Friends,” a dark comedy from the twisted mind of Jeff Daniels (yes, that Jeff Daniels). Inspired by Yasmina Reza’s “God of Carnage,” “Best of Friends” centers on a dispute between two adult couples. In “Carnage,” the couples argue about the civility of their respective children. In “Best of Friends,” the couples are the children, treating every perceived offense as grounds for vengeance.
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