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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Out On the Town

by City Pulse Staff
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 >> ‘EMOTIONS IN MUSIC’ BY LANSING CONCERT BAND The Lansing Concert Band continues its season with two presentations of the “Young Person´s Introduction to the Band” program. The theme for this year is “Emotions in Music,”...
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Immigrants in time

MSU welcomes U.S. poet laureate for national poetry month

by Bill Castanier
Poets are the Rodney Dangerfields of the literary world, located somewhere down near society writers at weekly newspapers on the no-respect spectrum (no-respectrum?) But each April — National Poetry Month — they get a chance to strut their stuff. Or to put it poetically, to test their mettle.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

New In Town


After closing in 2012, Auggie’s Pub and Grill on Lansing’s south side reopened earlier this month under new management. Manjit Singh owns the strip mall that Auggie’s is in, which is also home to the Sav More II party store he operates next door. His brother, Karpal Singh, owns Auggie’s and holds the liquor license, but Singh runs the day-to-day operations.
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
Real Ghosts EP release - Sat. Mar 29th Local indie punk trio Real Ghosts releases its debut disc, the four-track EP, “In the Nervous Light.” The band is Vittorio Vettraino (guitar, drums, vocals), Holly Johnson (drums, bass, vocals) and Ian Eberhart (bass, keyboard, guitar)...
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Wednesday, March 26,2014

Reduce, reuse, recycle-rama

Lansing hosts annual recycling fair on Saturday

by Nicole Halvorsen
Wednesday, March 26 — This weekend, you can get ahead on spring cleaning and clean out your garage, basement or attic and recycle your unwanted items for free. On Saturday, the Ingham County Health Department hosts the 5th annual Recycle Rama, the largest free recycling event in Lansing.
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Monday, March 24,2014

The Moth flutters to mid-Michigan

Tickets on sale Thursday for Wharton Center storytelling production

by City Pulse Staff
Monday, March 24 — You’ve heard their stories on the weekly NPR show, “The Moth Radio Hour”; now you can put a face with those voices. The Moth, a storytelling group based out of New York, brings its traveling production to East Lansing on May 28. Tickets go on sale Thursday for The Moth Mainstage: Twist of Fate..
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Friday, March 21,2014

Snakes on a stage

REVIEW: MSU’s ‘The Serpent Lady’

by Paul Wozniak
Friday, March 21 — For students of the MSU Department of Theatre, performing and producing “The Serpent Lady” looks like a blast. Translated and adapted from Carlo Gozzi’s original work by Valentina Denzel and production director Daniel Smith, the fantastical show features elaborate costumes and masks while providing plenty of space for actors to improvise on the spot. For audiences, “The Serpent Lady” is like watching a slowly moving tornado filled with kinetic energy that inches toward its final destination.
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Thursday, March 20,2014

‘I try to bring truth to the material’

INTERVIEW: Kingsley Leggs, co-star of ‘The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess’

by Allan I. Ross
Thursday, March 20 —Kingsley Leggs plays Sporting Life, the smooth-talking drug dealer in “The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess,” playing through Sunday at the Wharton Center. He played Curtis Anderson, a smooth-talking gangster (do we detect a pattern here?) in last year’s “Sister Act: A Divine Musical Comedy.”
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Thursday, March 20,2014

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Spring, Beer and Baseball

by Neil Rajala
Thursday, Mar. 20 — Happy First Day of Spring! There was a point around mid-February when I wouldn't have given you even odds that it would ever get here, but I can see parts of my yard again, my driveway has been revealed to be made of cement, as I remembered, and the back door onto my deck can be opened for the first time in months. I'm willing to say buds, robins and baseball season can't be far behind. Here's what we're reading:
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Wednesday, March 19,2014

Talk to the hands

Kathy Holcomb takes statewide stage to promote ‘handmade in Michigan’

by Lawrence Cosentino
Few people know better than Kathy Holcomb how creative Michigan hands can be, but the owner of Lansing’s Absolute Gallery wants it known across the state — and beyond.
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