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Tuesday, January 25,2011

Oscar nominations: A tale of prizes and surprises

Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore among the unjustly overlooked

by James Sanford
Once the cheers die down and everyone gets a closer look at the annual Academy Award nominations, the questions begin popping up. This year’s crop of nominations, which were announced Tuesday morning, is no exception.
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Friday, January 21,2011

Lavon on view at Katalyst

Print collections address social issues

by Alyssa Gienapp
Katalyst Art Gallery in Old Town is showcasing Kimberly Lavon as this month’s featured artist. Lavon’s print collections, “Skeleton Society” and “Animalesque — A Social Commentary,” both touch on the social constraints put on us every day.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Between notes

Musical duo blurs East/West boundaries

by Lawrence Cosentino
Kelly plays a Glissentar, a guitar that snakes through the bendy notes and semitones of Indian music ' or Delta blues, depending on his mood. Bringi thrums his fingers and palms on the mridangam, a cylindrical drum with a face on each end, like a hammerhead shark.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Advice Goddess

Triumph of the Willy

by Amy Alkon
Q: When you gave advice to the woman complaining about her husband surfing the Internet for porn and swimsuit photos of Serena Williams,you seemed to have missed a word in her question. That word is “husband.” I doubt people get married with it being okay for another man or woman to be involved in their marriage. Pornography causes great harm to marriages. It’s not okay. It’s not normal. It’s a selfish and destructive choice.—Appalled Wife
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Working class wordsmiths

Book salutes literature of laboring people

by Bill Castanier
M. L. Liebler says he has a lot of friends. Liebler, who has taught English, labor studies and the art of the working class at Wayne State University for more than 30 years, was not shy in calling upon some of those old acquaintances when he was looking for contributions to “Working Words:...
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

It’s ’Maine’-ly about love

by Paul Wozniak
In a mystical, made-up town, magic manifests from metaphor to material in "Almost, Maine." Filmmaker Nancy Meyers ("It’s Complicated," "The Holiday") would have been proud of John Cariani’s script, which is filled with spontaneous smooches and other expressions of affection.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Second to nun

Breeda Kelly Miller is a class act in wacky Stormfield comedy

by Mary C. Cusack
It would be a sin to give Stormfield Theatre’s production of “Put the Nuns in Charge” a poor review. Not that the Mother Superior said so specifically, but it seems that skewering a oneperson show about a nun giving an earnest lesson in the Seven Deadly Sins would fall under the sin of Pride.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Prepare to be bowled over

With choices galore, Zoup! aims to please downtown diners

by Joe Torok
Catch Zoup! at the right time during a lunch rush and you’ll have no problem understanding all those exclamation points, as soupistas shout for steaming pots from the kitchen and a bustling crowd squeezes into a line that stretches from the counter to the door.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Clown town

Shrine Circus rolls into Lansing this week

by Gabi Moore
Clown of the year “Fred-dee” will be a big part of the show that comes to Lansing this week. This will be the circus’ first time in Lansing. Unlike a traditional “big top” circus held under a tent, the Shrine circus will take place in the Lansing Center.
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Wednesday, January 19,2011

Turn it Down: A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica
This year’s lineup includes a long list of local indie rock, punk and singer/songwriters. Bands on the main stage will play 40-minute sets, with acoustic acts performing shorter sets on a secondary stage during the usual lull for set-up and tear-down..
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